Customize your Expensify experience by updating your account details and preferences. Here you can update your profile picture, adjust contact preferences, and perform other actions to personalize your account.

How to manage contact preferences

To edit your notification preferences or unsubscribe from Expensify updates:

  • On the web, navigate to Settings > Account > Preferences Scroll down to find the ‘Contact Preferences’ section. To stop receiving a specific type of email, uncheck the corresponding box.

How to set your time zone

Wherever you are, we’ll time-stamp your report actions according to your local time. This helps you keep track of when submissions or approvals occurred. Setting your time zone in Expensify is simple and ensures accurate time-stamping for your report actions, especially in the comments section of the expense report you’re reviewing.

To set your time zone: Navigate to Settings > Account > Preferences > Scroll down to Time Zone


Note: To set your time zone automatically based on your location, tick the box that says Set my time zone automatically.

If you prefer to set your time zone manually, leave the box unticked and select your time zone from the searchable list of locations.

When you add a comment to a report, all the report actions will be time-stamped in your local time. Adjusting your time zone to the appropriate location makes tracking and understanding submission and approval times much easier.


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