Change or add email address

The primary email address on your Expensify account is the email that receives email updates and notifications for your account. You can add a secondary email address in order to

  • Change your primary email to a new one.
  • Connect your personal email address as a secondary login if your primary email address is one from your employer. This allows you to always have access to your Expensify account, even if your employer changes.

Before you can remove a primary email address, you must add a new one to your Expensify account and make it the primary using the steps below. Email addresses must be added as a secondary login before they can be made the primary.

Note: This process is currently not available from the mobile app and must be completed from the Expensify website.

  1. Hover over Settings, then click Account.
  2. Under the Account Details tab, scroll down to the Secondary Logins section and click Add Secondary Login.
  3. Enter the email address or phone number you wish to use as a secondary login. For phone numbers, be sure to include the international code, if applicable.
  4. Find the email or text message from Expensify containing the Magic Code and enter it into the field.
  5. To make the new email address the primary address for your account, click Make Primary.

You can keep both logins, or you can click Remove next to the old email address to delete it from your account.

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