Accelo is a cloud-based business management software platform tailored for professional service companies, offering streamlined operations. It enables seamless integration with Expensify, allowing users to effortlessly import expense details from Expensify into Accelo, associating them with the corresponding project, ticket, or retainer within the system.

How to Connect Expensify to Accelo

To connect Expensify to Accelo, follow these clear steps:


Ensure you have administrator access to Accelo. Have a Workspace Admin role in Expensify.

Connecting Expensify to Accelo

  1. Access the Expensify Integration Server:
    • Open the Expensify Integration Server.
  2. Retrieve Your Partner User ID and Partner User Secret:
    • Important: These credentials are distinct from your regular Expensify username and password.
    • If you haven’t previously set up the integration server, click where it indicates “click here.”
  3. Regenerating Partner User Secret (If Necessary):
    • Note: If you’ve previously configured the integration server, you must regenerate your Partner User Secret. Do this by clicking “click here” to regenerate your partnerUserSecret.
    • If you currently use the Integration Server/API for another integration, remember to update that integration to use the new Secret.
  4. Configure Accelo:
    • Return to your Accelo account.
    • Navigate to your Integrations page and select the Expensify tab.
  5. Enter Expensify Integration Server Credentials:
    • Provide your Expensify Integration Server’s Partner User ID and Partner User Secret.
    • Click “Save” to complete the setup.
  6. Connection Established:
    • Congratulations! Your Expensify account is now successfully connected to Accelo.

With this connection in place, all Expensify users can effortlessly synchronize their expenses with Accelo, streamlining their workflow and improving efficiency.

How to upload your Accelo Project Codes as Tags in Expensify

Once you have connected Accelo to Expensify, the next step is to upload your Accelo Project Codes as Tags in Expensify. Simply go to Go to Settings > Workspaces > Group > [Workspace Name] > Tags and upload your CSV. If you directly integrate with Xero or QuickBooks Online, you must upload your Project Codes by appending your tags. Go to Settings > Workspaces > Group > [Workspace Name] > Tags and click on “Append a custom tag list from a CSV” to upload your Project Codes via a CSV.

Deep Dive

Information sync between Expensify and Accelo

The Accelo integration does a one-way sync, which means it brings expenses from Expensify into Accelo. When this happens, it transfers specific information from Expensify expenses to Accelo:

Expensify Accelo
Comment Title
Date Date Incurred
Category Type
Tags Against (relevant Project, Ticket or Retainer)
Distance (mileage) Quantity
Hours (time expenses) Quantity
Amount Purchase Price and Sale Price
Reimbursable? Reimbursable?
Billable? Billable?
Receipt Attachment
Tax Rate Tax Code
Attendees Submitted By

Expense Status

The status of your expense report in Expensify is also synced in Accelo.

Expensify Report Status Accelo Expense Status
Open Submitted
Submitted Submitted
Approved Approved
Reimbursed Approved
Rejected Declined
Archived Approved
Closed Approved

Importing expenses from Expensify to Accelo

Accelo regularly checks Expensify for new expenses once every hour. It automatically brings in expenses that have been created or changed since the last sync.

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