The Expenses Page


The Expenses page allows you to see all of your personal expenses. If you are an admin, you can view all submitter’s expenses on the Expensify page. The Expenses page can be filtered in several ways to give you spending visibility, find expenses to submit and export to a spreadsheet (CSV).

Expense filters

Here are the available filters you can use on the Expenses Page:

  • Date Range: Find expenses within a specific time frame.
  • Merchant Name: Search for expenses from a particular merchant. (Partial search terms also work if you need clarification on the exact name match.)
  • Workspace: Locate specific Group/Individual Workspace expenses.
  • Categories: Group expenses by category or identify those without a category.
  • Tags: Filter expenses with specific tags.
  • Submitters: Narrow expenses by submitter (employee or vendor).
  • Personal Expenses: Find all expenses yet to be included in a report. A Workspace admin can see these expenses once they are on a Processing, Approved, or Reimbursed report.
  • Open: Display expenses on reports that still need to be submitted (not submitted).
  • Processing, Approved, Reimbursed: See expenses on reports at various stages – processing, approved, or reimbursed.
  • Closed: View expenses on closed reports (not submitted for approval).

Here’s how to make the most of these filters:

  1. Log into your web account
  2. Go to the Expenses page
  3. At the top of the page, click on Show Filters
  4. Adjust the filters to match your specific needs

Note, you might notice that not all expense filters are always visible. They adapt based on the data you’re currently filtering and persist from the last time you logged in. For instance, you won’t see the deleted filter if there are no Deleted expenses to filter out.

If you are not seeing what you expected, you may have too many filters applied. Click Reset at the top to clear your filters.

How to add an expense to a report from the Expenses Page

The submitter (and their copilot) can add expenses to a report from the Expenses page.

Note, when expenses aren’t on a report, they are personal expenses. So you’ll want to make sure you haven’t filtered out personal expenses expenses, or you won’t be able to see them.

  1. Find the expense you want to add. (Hint: Use the filters to sort expenses by the desired date range if it is not a recent expense.)
  2. Then, select the expense you want to add to a report. You can click Select All to select multiple expenses.
  3. Click Add to Report in the upper right corner, and choose either an existing report or create a new one.

How to code expenses from the Expenses Page

To code expenses from the Expenses page, do the following:

  1. Look for the Tag, Category, and Description columns on the Expenses page.
  2. Click on the relevant field for a specific expense and add or update the Category, Tag, or Description.

Note, you can also open up individual expenses by clicking on them to see a detailed look, but coding the expenses from the Expense list is even faster and more convenient!

How to export expenses to a CSV file or spreadsheet

If you want to export multiple expenses, run through the below steps: Select the expenses you want to export by checking the box to the left of each expense. Then, click Export To in the upper right corner of the page, and choose our default CSV format or create your own custom CSV template.


Can I use the filters and analytics features on the mobile app?

The various features on the Expenses Page are only available while logged into your web account.

As a Workspace admin, what submitter expenses can you see?

A Workspace admin can see Processing, Approved, and Reimbursed expenses as long as they were submitted on the workspace that you are an admin.

If employees submit expense reports on a workspace where you are not an admin, you will not have visibility into those expenses. Additionally, if an expense is left unreported, a workspace admin will not be able to see that expense until it’s been added to a report.

A Workspace admin can edit the tags and categories on an expense, but if they want to edit the amount, date, or merchant name, the expense will need to be in a Processing state or rejected back to the submitter for changes. We have more about company card expense reconciliation in this support article.

Can I edit multiple expenses at once?

Yes! Select the expenses you want to edit and click Edit Multiple.

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