Discover how Expensify streamlines your travel expense management when it comes to trips. With the automatic classification of trip receipts and real-time notifications for travel changes, you can effortlessly stay organized and informed on all your trips.

When a travel receipt/itinerary is uploaded into Expensify and SmartScanned, the Trips section of the mobile app will automatically populate your trip information.. If your flight has any cancellations, unexpected changes, or delays, we will make sure you know about it. We will notify you of the change as soon as it happens via the mobile app.

For the receipt to be processed as a Trip, it must include the total amount of the expense, date, and merchant name.

If your company is using a travel integration from the list shown below, you can automate this process entirely:

How to add a Trip to your account

Trip receipts are typically sent via email, and will include multiple pages. With that in mind, we recommend emailing receipts directly to Expensify for ease.

To email a flight or hotel receipt, you’ll forward the receipt from your Expensify-associated email address to

How to access your Trip information

To view details about your past or upcoming trips, follow these steps within the Expensify mobile app:

  1. Open the Expensify mobile app
  2. Navigate to the “Menu” option (top left ≡ icon)
  3. Select Trips

How do I capture Trip receipts sent to my personal email address?

If you received your receipt in an email that is not associated with your Expensify account, you can add this email as a secondary login to directly forward the receipt into your account.

How do I upload Trip receipts that were not sent to me by email?

If your trip receipt was not sent to you by email, you can manually upload the receipt to your account. Check out this resource for more information on manually uploading receipts.

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