Egencia is a platform used to book and manage business travel. Integrating Expensify and Egencia ensures any bookings made using Egencia will automatically import as expenses to Expensify.


  • You’ll need to have a Control Workspace
  • A verified Domain

How to use Egencia with Expensify

When an employee makes a booking in Egencia:

  • The receipt itinerary will automatically be imported to the traveler’s Expensify account along with the expense details without needing to submit the information manually.
  • When the traveler uses their company credit card to make a purchase via Egencia, the Egencia receipt will automatically merge with the credit card transaction.

The travel information will also be available in the Trips section of the mobile app of the recipient’s Expensify account.

How to Enable the Egencia Feed

A file feed is an automated transfer of data files from Egencia to Expensify.

Egencia controls the feed, so to connect Expensify you will need to:

  1. Contact your Egencia account manager.
  2. Request that they enable your Expensify feed.

How to Connect to a Central Purchasing Account

Once your Egencia account manager has established the feed, you can automatically forward all Egencia booking receipts to a single Expensify account. To do this:

  1. Open a chat with Concierge.
  2. Tell Concierge the address of your central purchasing account, “Please enable Central Purchasing Account for our Egencia feed. The account email is:”.

A receipt will be sent to both the traveler and the central account. The receipt sent to the traveler is a “reservation expense.” Reservation expenses are non-reimbursable and won’t be included in any integrated accounting system exports.

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