Upgrade to the new Expensify Card from Visa

If your company is already using Expensify Cards, you can upgrade your cards for free to the new Expensify Visa® Commercial Card to get even more tools to manage employee spending, including:

  • Unlimited virtual cards
  • Controlled spending amounts on virtual cards to manage subscriptions
  • Tighter controls for managing spend across employees and merchants
  • Fixed or monthly spend limits for each card
  • Unique naming for each virtual card for simplified expense categorization

Upgrade your company’s Expensify Cards

This process must be completed by a Domain Admin. Although the process is available for all Domain Admins, only one admin needs to complete these steps.

Before completing this process, you’ll want to:

  • Have your employees update their address if needed so that they receive their new Expensify Card in the mail before completing the steps below.
  • Ensure that existing cardholders have a limit greater than $0 if you want them to receive a new Expensify Card. If their limit is $0, increase the limit.
  1. On your Home page, click the task titled “Upgrade to the new and improved Expensify Card.”
  2. Review and agree to the Terms of Service.
  3. Click Get the new card. All existing cardholders with a limit greater than $0 will be automatically mailed a new physical card to the address they have on file. Virtual cards will be automatically issued and available for immediate use.
  4. If you have Positive Pay enabled for your settlement account, contact your bank as soon as possible to whitelist the new ACH ID: 2270239450.
  5. Remind your employees to update their payment information for recurring charges to their virtual card information.

New cards will have the same limit as the existing cards. Each cardholder’s current physical and virtual cards will remain active until a Domain Admin or the cardholder deactivates it.

Cards won’t be issued to any employees who don’t currently have them. In this case, you’ll need to issue a new card.


Why don’t I see the task to agree to new terms on my Home page?

There are a few reasons why you might not see the task on your Home page:

  • You may not be a Domain Admin
  • Another domain admin has already accepted the terms
  • The task may be hidden. To find hidden tasks, scroll to the bottom of the Home page and click Show Hidden Tasks to see all of your available tasks.

Will this affect the continuous reconciliation process?

No. During the transition period, you may have some employees with old cards and some with new cards, so you’ll have two different debits (settlements) made to your settlement account for each settlement period. Once all spending has transitioned to the new cards, you’ll only see one debit/settlement.

Do I have to upgrade to the new Expensify Visa® Commercial Card?

Yes. We’ll provide a deadline soon. But don’t worry—you’ll have plenty of time to upgrade.

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