Expensify Chat For Admins


Expensify Chat is an incredible way to build a community and foster long-term relationships between event producers and attendees, or attendees with each other. Admins are a huge factor in the success of the connections built in Expensify Chat during the events, as they are generally the drivers of the conference schedule, and help ensure safety and respect is upheld by all attendees both on and offline.

Getting Started

We’ve rounded up some resources to get you set up on Expensify Chat and ready to start connecting with your session attendees:

Admin Best Practices

In order to get the most out of Expensify Chat, we created a list of best practices for admins to review in order to use the tool to its fullest capabilities.

During the conference:

  • At a minimum, send 3 announcements throughout the day to create awareness of any sessions, activations, contests, or parties you want to promote.
  • Communicate with the Expensify Team in the #admins room if you see anything you have questions about or are unsure of to make sure we’re resolving issues together ASAP.
  • As an admin, It’s up to you to help keep your conference community safe and respectful. Flag any content for moderation that does not fit your culture and values to keep chatrooms a positive experience for everyone involved.

After the conference:

  • The rooms will all stay open after the conference ends, so encourage speakers to keep engaging as long as the conversation is going in their session room.
  • Continue sharing photos and videos from the event or anything fun in #social as part of a wrap up for everyone.
  • Use the #announce room to give attendees a sneak preview of your next event.

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