The Insights dashboard allows you to monitor all aspects of company spending across categories, employees, projects, departments, and more. You can see trends in real-time, forecast company budgets, and build unlimited custom reports with help from our trained specialist team.

Insights Pie Chart

Review your Insights data

  1. Navigate to your Insights page, located in the left-hand menu
  2. Select a specific date range (the default view has the current month pre-selected)
  3. Use the filter options to select the categories, tags, employees, or any other parameter
  4. Make sure that View in the top right corner is set to the pie chart icon
  5. You can view any dataset in more detail by clicking in the “View Raw Data” column

Export your Insights data

  1. Switch the View in the top right corner of the Insights page to the lists icon
  2. Select the expenses you want to export, either by selecting individual expenses, or checking the select all box (next to Date at the top)
  3. Select Export To in the top right-hand corner to download the report as a .csv file

Create a Custom Export Report for your Expenses

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account > Preferences > scroll down to CSV Export Formats
  2. Build up a report using these formulas
  3. Click the Custom Export button on the Insights page and your Account Manager will help get you started on building up your report

Create a Custom Export Report for your Workspace

  1. Navigate to Settings > Workspaces > Group > [Workspace Name] > Export Formats
  2. Build up a report using these formulas
  3. If you need any help, click the Support button on the top left to contact your Account Manager

Can I share my custom export report?

If you would like to create a custom export report that can be shared with other workspace admins, you can do so by navigating to the [Settings > Workspaces > Group > [Workspace Name] > Export Formats page. Custom export reports created under the Settings > Account > Preferences page are only available to the member who created them.

Can I put expenses from different workspaces on the same report?

Custom export reports created under the Settings > Account > Preferences page can export expenses from multiple workspaces, and custom export formats created under Settings > Workspaces> Group > [Workspace Name] > Export Formats are for expenses reported under that workspace only.

Are there any default export reports available?

Yes! We have seven default reports available to export directly from the Reports page:

  • All Data - Expense Level Export** - the name says it all! This is for the people who want ALL the details from their expense reports. We’re talking Tax, Merchant Category Codes, Approvers - you name it, this report’s got it!
  • All Data - Report Level Export - this is the report for those who don’t need to see each individual expense but want to see a line-by-line breakdown at a report level - submitter, total amount, report ID - that kind of stuff
  • Basic Export - this is the best way to get a simple breakdown of all your expenses - just the basics
  • Canadian Multiple Tax Export - tax, GST, PST…if you need to know tax then this is the export you want!
  • Category Export - want to see a breakdown of your expenses by Category? This is the export you
  • Per Diem Export - the name says it all
  • Tag Export - much like the Category Export, but for Tags

These reports will be emailed directly to your email address rather than automatically downloaded.

How many expenses can I export in one report?

The custom export reports are best for small-to-medium chunks of data. If you want to export large amounts of data, we recommend you use a default export report that you can run from the Reports page.

What other kinds of export reports can my Account Manager help me create?

We’ve built a huge variety of custom reports for customers, so make sure to reach out to your Account Manager for more details. Some examples of custom reports we’ve built for customers before are:

  • Accrual Report
  • Aged Approval Reports
  • Attendee Reporting
  • Audit Report
  • Candidate Spend
  • Category Spend Report
  • Department/Project Spend Report
  • Duplication Report
  • Duty of Care
  • Efficiency
  • Employee Bank Account Status
  • Employee Details
  • Employee Roles
  • Expense Authorizations by Country
  • Expense Reports by Country
  • Expense Reports not posted to finance system
  • Foreign Currency Transaction
  • Fringe Benefit Tax Report
  • HR Report
  • Invoice Billed Transaction Reconciliation
  • Mileage Reports
  • Out of Pocket Expenses for Reimbursement
  • Per Diem Report
  • Reconciliation: Accounting, Bank Statement, Billed Transaction
  • Rejected Report
  • Travel Rule Class
  • Travel Spend
  • Unposted Cash Advance Report
  • Unposted Procurement Aging Report
  • Unposted Travel Aging Report
  • Vendor Spend

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