Default Export Templates


Use default export templates for exporting report data to a CSV format, for data analysis, or uploading to an accounting software. Below is a breakdown of the available default templates.

How to use default export templates

  • All Data - Expense Level Export - This export prints a line for each expense with all of the data associated with the expenses. This is useful if you want to see all of the data stored in Expensify for each expense.
  • All Data - Report Level Export - This export prints a line per report, giving a summary of the report data.
  • Basic Export - A simpler expense level export without as much detail. This exports the data visible on the PDF of the report. Basics such as date, amount, merchant, category, tag, reimbursable state, description, receipt URL, and original expense currency and amount.
  • Canadian Multiple Tax Export - Exports a line per expense with all available info on the taxes applied to the expenses on your report(s). This is useful if you need to see the tax spend.
  • Category Export - Exports category names with the total amount attributed to each category on the report. While you can also access this information on the Insights page, it can be convenient to export to a CSV to run further analysis in your favorite spreadsheet program.
  • Per Diem Export - This exports basic expense details only for the per diem expenses on the report. Useful for reviewing employee Per Diem spend.
  • Tag Export - Exports tag names into columns with the total amount attributed to each tag on the report.

How to export using a default template

  1. Navigate to your Reports page
  2. Select the reports you want to export (you can use the filters to help you find the reports you’re after)
  3. Click the Export to in the top right corner
  4. Select the export template you’d like to use

Why are my numbers exporting in a weird format?

Do your numbers look something like this: 1.7976931348623157e+308? This means that your spreadsheet program is formatting long numbers in an exponential or scientific format. If that happens, you can correct it by changing the data to Plain Text or a Number in your spreadsheet program.

Why are my leading zeros missing?

Is the export showing “1” instead of “01”? This means that your spreadsheet program is cutting off the leading zero. This is a common issue with viewing exported data in Excel. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good solution for this. We recommend checking your spreadsheet program’s help documents for suggestions for formatting.

I want a report that is not in the default list, how can I build that?

For a guide on building your own custom template check out Exports > Custom Exports in the Help pages!

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