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Need to get paid? Check out this guide to see all the ways that you can upload your receipts to Expensify - whether it’s by SmartScanning them by forwarding via email or manually by taking a picture of a receipt, we’ll cover it here!

How-to Upload Receipts


The easiest way to upload your receipts to Expensify is to SmartScan them with Expensify’s mobile app or forward a receipt from your email inbox!

When you SmartScan a receipt, we’ll read the Merchant, Date and Amount of the transaction, create an expense, and add it to your Expensify account automatically. The best practice is to take a picture of the receipt at the time of purchase or forward it to your Expensify account from the point of sale system. If you have a credit card connected and you upload a receipt that matches a card expense, the SmartScanned receipt will automatically merge with the imported card expense instead.

Email Receipts

To SmartScan a receipt on your mobile app, tap the green camera button, point and shoot! You can also forward your digital receipts (or photos of receipts) to receipts@expensify.com from the email address associated with your Expensify account, and they’ll be SmartScanned. This may take a few minutes because Expensify aims to have the most accurate OCR.

Manually Upload

To upload receipts on the web, simply navigate to the Expenses page and click on New Expense. Select Scan Receipt and choose the file you would like to upload, or drag-and-drop your image directly into the Expenses page, and that will start the SmartScanning process!


How do you SmartScan multiple receipts?

You can utilize the Rapid Fire Mode to quickly SmartScan multiple receipts at once!

To activate it, tap on the green camera button in the mobile app and then tap on the camera icon on the bottom right. When you see the little fire icon on the camera, Rapid Fire Mode has been activated - tap the camera icon again to disable Rapid Fire Mode.

How do you create an expense from an email address that is different from your Expensify login?

You can email a receipt from a different email address by adding it as a Secondary Login to your Expensify account - this ensures that any receipts sent from this email to receipts@expensify.com will be associated with your current Expensify account.

Once that email address has been added as a Secondary Login, simply forward your receipt image or emails to receipts@expensify.com.

How do you crop or rotate a receipt image?

You can crop and rotate a receipt image on the web app, and you can only edit one expense at a time.

Navigate to your Expenses page and locate the expense whose receipt image you’d like to edit, then click the expense to open the Edit screen. If there is an image file associated with the receipt, you will see the Rotate and Crop buttons. Alternatively, you can also navigate to your Reports page, click on a report, and locate the individual expense.

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