Per Diem Expenses


What are Per Diems? Per diems, short for “per diem allowance” or “daily allowance,” are fixed daily payments provided by your employer to cover expenses incurred during business or work-related travel. These allowances simplify expense tracking and reimbursement for meals, lodging, and incidental expenses during a trip. Per Diems can be masterfully tracked in Expensify!

How to create per diem expenses

To add per diem expenses, you need three pieces of information:

  1. Where did you go? - Specify your travel destination.
  2. How long were you away? - Define the period you’re claiming for.
  3. Which rate did you use? - Select the appropriate per diem rate (this is set by your employer).

Step 1: On either the web or mobile app, click New Expense and choose Per Diem

Step 2: Select your travel destination from the Destination dropdown

If your trip involves multiple stops, create a separate Per Diem expense for each destination. Remember, the times are relative to your home city.

Step 3: Select your Start date, End date, Start time, and End time

Expensify will automatically calculate the duration of your trip. We’ll show you a breakdown of your days: the time between departure and midnight on the first day, the total days in between, and the time between midnight and your return time on the last day.

Step 4: Select a Subrate based on the trip duration from the dropdown list

You can include meal deductions or overnight lodging costs if your jurisdiction permits.

Step 5: Enter any other required coding and click “Save”

Step 6: Submit for Approval

Finally, submit your Per Diem expense for approval, and you’ll be on your way to getting reimbursed!


Can I edit my per diem expenses?

Per Diems cannot be amended. To make changes, delete the expense and recreate it as needed.

What if my admin requires daily per diems?

No problem! Create a separate Per Diem expense for each day of your trip.

I have questions about the amount I’m due

Reach out to your internal Admin team, as they’ve configured the rates in your policy to meet specific requirements.

Can I add start and end times to per diems?

Unfortunately, you cannot add start and end times to Per Diems in Expensify. By following these steps, you can efficiently create and manage your Per Diem expenses in Expensify, making the process of tracking and getting reimbursed hassle-free.

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