Card Revenue Share


You can now earn additional income for your firm every time your client uses their Expensify Card. In short, your firm gets 0.5% of your clients’ total Expensify Card spend as cash back. The more your clients spend, the more cashback your firm receives!

This program is currently only available to US-based ExpensifyApproved! partner accountants.

Become a domain admin

To benefit from this program, you or a member of your firm must be a domain admin on your client’s domain in Expensify.

  1. Head to Settings > Domains
  2. Click the name of your client’s domain

If you can click into the domain and access the domain settings, that means you are a domain admin.

Note: You can view all domain admins under Settings > Domains > [Client’s domain name] > Domain Admins.

If you’re not a domain admin, your client can add you as one by heading to Settings > Domains > [Client’s domain name] > Domain Admins > Add admin.

Connect a deposit account

Next, connect a deposit-only business bank account. Any revenue earned will be deposited directly into that account.

Instructions to connect a deposit-only business bank account are here.


What if my firm is not permitted to accept revenue share from our clients?

We understand that different firms may have different policies. If your firm is unable to accept this revenue share, you can pass the revenue share back to your client to give them an additional 0.5% of cash back using your own internal payment tools.

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