Set Up the Expensify Visa® Commercial Card for your Company


If you’re an admin interested in rolling out the Expensify Visa® Commercial Card for your organization, you’re in the right place. This article will cover how to qualify and apply for the Expensify Card program and begin issuing cards to your employees.

How to qualify for the Expensify Card program

There are three prerequisites to consider before applying for the Expensify Card:

  1. The email address associated with your account must be on a private domain
  2. You must claim your private domain in Expensify
  3. You must add and verify a US business bank account to your Expensify account

To claim a domain, you must be a workspace admin with a company email address matching the domain you want to claim. After you create an account and set up a workspace, head to Settings > Domains to claim your domain.

You can add a business bank account by navigating to Settings > Account > Payments and clicking Add Verified Bank Account. Follow the setup steps and complete the verification process as required.

How to apply for the Expensify Card

Once you’ve claimed your domain and added a verified US business bank account, you can apply for the Expensify Card. There are multiple ways to apply for the card from the web:

From the home page

  1. Log into your Expensify account using your preferred web browser
  2. Head to your account’s home page
  3. On the task that says “Introducing the Expensify Card,” click Enable my Expensify Cards to get started

From the Company Cards page

  1. Log into your Expensify account using your preferred web browser
  2. Head to Settings > Domains > Domain Name > Company Cards
  3. Click Get the Card

After we receive your application, we’ll review it ASAP and send you a confirmation email with the next steps once we have them.

How to issue cards

After you’ve been approved, it’s time to set limits for your employees. Setting a limit triggers an email and task on the home page requesting the employee’s shipping address. Once they enter their details, a card will be shipped to them. We’ll also create a virtual card for the employee that can be used immediately.

To set a limit, head over to the Company Cards UI via Settings > Domains > Domain Name > Company Cards. Click the Edit Limit button next to members who need a card assigned, and set a non-$0 to issue them a card.

If you have a validated domain, you can set a limit for multiple members by setting a limit for an entire domain group via Settings > Domains > Domain Name > Groups. Keep in mind that custom limits that are set on an individual basis will override the group limit.

The Company Cards page will act as a hub to view all employees who have been issued a card and where you can view and edit the individual card limits. You’ll also be able to see anyone who has requested a card but doesn’t have one yet.


Are there foreign transaction fees?

There are no foreign transaction fees when using your Expensify Card for international purchases.

How does the Expensify Card affect my or my company’s credit score?

Applying for or using the Expensify Card will never have any positive or negative effect on your personal credit score or your business’s credit score. We do not consider your or your business’ credit score when determining approval and your card limit.

How much does the Expensify Card cost?

The Expensify Card is a free corporate card, and no fees are associated with it. In addition, if you use the Expensify Card, you can save money on your Expensify subscription (based on how much of your approved spend occurs on the Expensify Card, compared with other approved spend, in each month).

If I have staff outside the US, can they use the Expensify Card?

As long as the verified bank account used to apply for the Expensify Card is a US bank account, your cardholders can be anywhere in the world.

Otherwise, the Expensify Card is not available for customers using non-US banks. With that said, launching international support is a top priority for us. Let us know if you’re interested in contacting support, and we’ll reach out as soon as the Expensify Card is available outside the United States.

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