Track per diem expenses

A per diem (also called “per diem allowance” or “daily allowance”) is a fixed daily payment provided by an employer to cover expenses during business or work-related travel. These allowances simplify travel expense tracking and reimbursement for meals, lodging, and incidental expenses.

Before you can add a per diem expense, a Workspace Admin must enable per diem expenses for the workspace and add the per diem rates. If you do not see an option for per diem rates, it is currently unavailable for your workspace, and you’ll need to reach out to one of your Workspace Admins for guidance.

To add a per diem expense,

  1. Click the Expenses tab.
  2. Click New Expense and choose Per Diem.
  3. Select your travel destination.
    • If your trip involves multiple stops, create a separate per diem expense for each destination.
  4. Select the start date, end date, start time, and end time for the trip.
  5. Select a sub-rate. The available sub-rates are dependent on the trip duration.
    • You can include meal deductions or overnight lodging costs if allowed by your workspace.
  6. Enter any other required coding information, such as the category, description, or report, and click Save.


How do I edit my per diem expenses?

Per diem expenses cannot be amended. To make changes, you must delete the expense and recreate it.

What if my admin requires daily per diem submissions?

No problem! Create a separate per diem expense for each day of your trip.

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