Reimbursing Reports


One essential aspect of the Expensify workflow is the ability to reimburse reports. This process allows for the reimbursement of expenses that have been submitted for review to the person who made the request. Detailed explanations of the various methods for reimbursing reports within Expensify are provided below.

How to reimburse reports

Reports can be reimbursed directly within Expensify by clicking the Reimburse button at the top of the report to reveal the available reimbursement options.

Direct Deposit

To reimburse directly in Expensify, the following needs to be already configured:

  • The employee that’s receiving reimbursement needs to add a deposit bank account to their Expensify account (under Settings > Account > Payments > Add a Deposit-only Bank Account)
  • The reimburser needs to add a business bank account to Expensify (under Settings > Account > Payments > Add a Verified Business Bank Account)
  • The reimburser needs to ensure Expensify is whitelisted to withdraw funds from the bank account

If all of those settings are in place, to reimburse a report, you will click Reimburse on the report and then select Via Direct Deposit (ACH).

Reimbursing Reports Dropdown

Indirect or Manual Reimbursement

If you don’t have the option to utilize direct reimbursement, you can choose to mark a report as reimbursed by clicking the Reimburse button at the top of the report and then selecting I’ll do it manually – just mark as reimbursed.

This will effectively mark the report as reimbursed within Expensify, but you’ll handle the payment elsewhere, outside of the platform.

Best Practices

  • Plan ahead! Consider sharing a business bank account with multiple workspace admins so they can reimburse employee reports if you’re unavailable. We recommend having at least two workspace admins with reimbursement permissions.

  • Understand there is a verification process when sharing a business bank account. The new reimburser will need access to the business bank account’s transaction history (or access to someone who has access to it) to verify the set of test transactions sent from Expensify.

  • Get into the routine of having every new employee connect a deposit-only bank account to their Expensify account. This will ensure reimbursements happen in a timely manner.

  • Employees can see the expected date of their reimbursement at the top of and in the comments section of their report.

How to cancel a reimbursement

Reimbursed a report by mistake? No worries! Any workspace admin with access to the same Verified Bank Account can cancel the reimbursement from within the report until it is withdrawn from the payment account.

Steps to Cancel an ACH Reimbursement:

  1. On your web account, navigate to the Reports page
  2. Open the report
  3. Click Cancel Reimbursement
  4. After the prompt, “Are you sure you want to cancel the reimbursement?” click Cancel Reimbursement.

It’s important to note that there is a small window of time (roughly less than 24 hours) when a reimbursement can be canceled. If you don’t see the Cancel Reimbursement button on a report, this means your bank has already begun withdrawing the funds from the reimbursement account and the withdrawal cannot be canceled.

In that case, you’ll want to contact your bank directly to see if they can cancel the reimbursement on their end - or manage the return of funds directly with your employee, outside of Expensify.

If you cancel a reimbursement after the withdrawal has started, it will be automatically returned to your Verified Bank Account within 3-5 business days.

Deep Dive

Rapid Reimbursement

If your company uses Expensify’s ACH reimbursement, we’ll first check to see if the report is eligible for Rapid Reimbursement (next business day). For a report to be eligible for Rapid Reimbursement, it must fall under two limits:

  • $100 per deposit only bank account per day for the individuals being reimbursed or businesses receiving payments for bills
  • $10,000 per verified bank account for the company paying bills and reimbursing

If neither limit is met, you can expect to see funds deposited into your bank account on the next business day.

If either limit has been reached, you can expect funds deposited within your bank account within the typical ACH time frame of four to five business days.

Rapid Reimbursement is not available for non-US-based reimbursement. If you are receiving a reimbursement to a non-US-based deposit account, you should expect to see the funds deposited in your bank account within four business days.


Who can reimburse reports?

Only a workspace admin who has added a verified business bank account to their Expensify account can reimburse employees.

Why can’t I trigger direct ACH reimbursements in bulk?

Instead of a bulk reimbursement option, you can set up automatic reimbursement. With this configured, reports below a certain threshold (defined by you) will be automatically reimbursed via ACH as soon as they’re “final approved.”

To set your manual reimbursement threshold, head to Settings > Workspace > Group > [Workspace Name] > Reimbursement > Manual Reimbursement.

Manual Reimbursement

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