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Getting Started

From setting up your account to ensuring you get the most out of Expensify’s suite of features, click here to get started on streamlining your expense management journey.



Discover how to personalize your profile, add secondary logins, and grant delegated access to employees with our comprehensive guide on Account Settings.


Bank Accounts & Credit Cards

Find out how to connect Expensify to your financial institutions, track credit card transactions, and best practices for reconciling company cards.


Billing & Subscriptions

Here is where you can review Expensify's billing and subscription options, plan types, and payment methods.


Expense & Report Features

From enabling automatic expense auditing to tracking attendees, here is where you can review tips and tutorials to streamline expense management.


Expensify Card

Explore how the Expensify Card combines convenience and security to enhance everyday business transactions. Discover how to apply for, oversee, and maximize your card perks here.


Expensify Partner Program

Discover how to get the most out of Expensify as an ExpensifyApproved! accountant partner. Learn how to set up your clients, receive CPE credits, and take advantage of your partner discount.


Get Paid Back

Whether you submit an expense report or an invoice, find out here how to ensure a smooth and timely payback process every time.


Insights & Custom Reporting

From exporting reports to creating custom templates, here is where you can learn more about Expensify's versatile export options.



Enhance Expensify’s capabilities by integrating it with your accounting or HR software. Here is where you can learn more about creating a synchronized financial management ecosystem.


Manage Employees & Report Approvals

Master the art of overseeing employees and reports by utilizing Expensify’s automation features and approval workflows.


Send Payments

Uncover step-by-step guidance on sending direct reimbursements to employees, paying an invoice to a vendor, and utilizing third-party payment options.


Workspace & Domain Settings

Discover how to set up and manage workspace, define user permissions, and implement compliance rules to maintain a secure and compliant financial management landscape.

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