Upgrade to a Collect Plan

All customers on a Free plan have been automatically upgraded to a Collect plan!

The Collect plan is an enhanced version of the Free Plan and unlocks several new features:

  • A dedicated Setup Specialist
  • Expense approvals
  • Invoicing and bill pay
  • Custom expense categories and tags
  • Multiple active expense reports at a time
  • Direct connection to Quickbooks Online
  • Direct connection to Xero (coming soon!)

The upgrade is free until June 1st!

To give you time to try the upgraded plan, you won’t be charged for another 30 days. Additionally, if you add a payment card by June 1st, you’ll qualify for a discount over the next year. The discount will be applied to your Expensify bill on a sliding scale for the first 12 months on the Collect plan.

If you have questions, contact your dedicated Setup Specialist using the #admins room, or email Expensify Support at concierge@expensify.com.


Is the upgrade optional?

No, the upgrade is not optional. This upgrade ensures that every customer gets access to Expensify’s best offerings and any new features going forward.

Does this mean Expensify will no longer be free for me?

Yes, but only if you want to continue using a workspace in Expensify. As always, you can still use Expensify for free without a workspace to track your expenses, chat with your friends, etc.

How does the sliding-scale discount work?

You’ll receive a discount on your Expensify bill that gradually decreases each month until you reach the full payment amount on June 1, 2025. For the first month, you’ll pay 1/12 of the Collect plan’s cost, and the price will gradually increase over the course of a year.

Let’s break that down:

  • July 1: You’ll receive a ~90% discount on your monthly bill
  • December 1: You’ll receive a 50% discount
  • March 1, 2025: You’ll receive a 25% discount
  • May 1, 2025: You’ll receive a ~10% discount
  • June 1, 2025: You pay the full bill amount for the Collect plan (starting at $5 per active member) from this date forward

The discount will be reflected on your monthly Expensify bill as a “Workspace upgrade discount” and can be combined with any other Expensify discounts—- the annual subscription discount, the Expensify Card discount, and Expensify Card cash back.

How do I get in touch with my Setup Specialist?

You can reach your Setup Specialist by opening your workspace’s #admins room in your chat inbox and sending a message.

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