Use your Expensify Card

As soon as you receive your physical Expensify Visa® Commercial Card, you can start using it right away by swiping it like you would with any other card, or you can link your card to your Apple or Google Pay mobile wallet to make in-person, contactless payments. You can also use your virtual Expensify Card for online and in-app purchases.

A virtual card is a digital card that can be used for online transactions. Virtual cards have the same details as physical cards, but they offer several additional benefits:

  • Flexibility: Virtual cards can be created or deleted instantly. You can use them for individual transactions with predetermined amounts or recurring payments and subscriptions.
  • Customizable limits: You can set spending limits for each virtual card.
  • Security: Admins have the option to issue virtual cards for a single-use (e.g. for one of expenses) or fixed-use (e.g. for recurring expenses). Since you have placed a limit on their usage, it makes them less susceptible to unauthorized transactions.
  • Insights: You can easily track recurring spend for specific vendors when assigning a virtual card to a team, department, or vendor.

View your virtual card details

  1. Click your profile image or icon in the bottom left menu.
  2. Click Wallet in the left menu.
  3. Click your Expensify Card.
  4. Click Reveal Details to view your virtual Expensify Card number, expiration date, CVV, and address.
  1. Tap your profile image or icon in the bottom menu.
  2. Tap Wallet.
  3. Tap your Expensify Card.
  4. Tap Reveal Details to view your virtual Expensify Card number, expiration date, CVV, and address.

Why did my transaction get declined?

Here are some reasons why an Expensify Card transaction might be declined:

  • Insufficient card limit: If a transaction exceeds your Expensify Card’s available limit, the transaction will be declined. Submitting expenses and getting them approved will free up your limit for more spending.
  • Inactive card: Your card isn’t active yet or it was disabled by your Domain Admin
  • Incorrect card details: Your card information was entered incorrectly with the merchant. Entering incorrect card information, such as the CVC, ZIP, or expiration date, will also lead to declines. There was suspicious activity
  • Fraudulent or risky activity: If Expensify detects unusual or suspicious activity, we may block transactions as a security measure. This could happen due to irregular spending patterns, attempted purchases from risky vendors, or multiple rapid transactions. Check your Expensify Home page to approve unusual merchants and try again. If the spending looks suspicious, we may complete a manual due diligence check, and our team will do this as quickly as possible - your cards will all be locked while this happens. The merchant is located in a restricted country

How do I report my Expensify Card expenses?

You can report and submit Expensify Card expenses just like any other expenses, and you’ll want to submit them regularly to ensure you have a sufficient spending amount available on the card. As your expenses are approved, your Smart Limit updates accordingly.

SmartScanned receipts should automatically attach to the related Expensify Card expense. Expensify also automatically generates an IRS-compliant eReceipt for every transaction as long as the expense isn’t lodging-related. If your organization doesn’t require itemized receipts, you can rely on eReceipts instead.

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