Validate a Business Bank Account

Once your business bank account connection is approved in Expensify, you’ll receive a few test deposits to validate the connection.

Validating the bank account:

  1. Head to Settings > Workspaces > Workspace Name > Bank account to review the status of the bank account
  2. It will show as either Verifying or Pending
    • If it is Verifying, this means we sent you a message asking for more information —- check your email for the next steps!
    • If it is Pending, the bank account is connected and you can move to the next step
  3. In 1-2 business days Expensify will send three test transactions to your bank account
  4. Head to the Bank accounts section of your workspace settings
  5. You’ll see a prompt to input the transaction amounts

Once you’ve finished these steps, your business bank account is ready to use in Expensify!


How many test deposits will I receive?

You’ll see two withdrawals and one deposit in the business bank account.

What should I do if I don’t see the test deposits after two business days?

If you do not see these test transactions after two business days, this could be due to direct debits not being enabled on the bank account. In that case, your bank will require the following details:

  • The ACH CompanyIDs (1270239450, 4270239450 and 2270239450)
  • The ACH Originator Name (Expensify)

Otherwise, feel free to contact Expensify Support so our team can provide you with more information.

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