Distance Requests


Expensify allows you to request reimbursement for mileage by creating a distance request from a map. You can send a distance request in Expensify’s mobile, desktop, or web app.

How to create and send a distance request

  1. Click the green + button and select Request Money.
  2. Select Distance along the top row of the Request Money window.
  3. Enter the Start and Finish addresses then click Next. If there are multiple stops, you can add them before clicking Next.
  4. Choose who to send the request to by selecting your organization’s workspace from the list of recent workspaces.
  5. On the confirmation page, confirm the amount, date, distance, and optionally add a description or category. Click the Request button.
  6. A workspace admin will receive your request and can reimburse you through Expensify or elsewhere!

Is there an easy way to reuse recent locations?

Yes! We save your recently used locations and list them out on the page where you select the Start and Finish.

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