Expensify Chat rooms for admins

When a workspace is created, an #announce and #admins chat room is automatically created.


All Workspace Members can use this room to share or discover important company announcements and have conversations with other members.

By default, all Workspace Members are allowed to send messages in #announce rooms. However, Workspace Admins can update the permissions to allow only admins to post messages in the #announce room.

Update messaging permissions

To allow only admins to post in an #announce room,

  1. Open the #announce room chat in your inbox.
  2. Click the room header.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Who can post and select Admins only.
  1. Open the #announce room chat in your inbox.
  2. Tap the room header.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Who can post and select Admins only.


Only Workspace Admins can access this room to collaborate with the other admins in the workspace. You can also use this space to:

  • Chat with your dedicated Expensify Setup Specialist.
  • Chat with your Account Manager (if you have a subscription with 10 or more members).
  • Review changes made to your Workspace settings (includes changes made by someone on your team, your dedicated Expensify Setup Specialist, or your dedicated Account Manager).


Someone I don’t recognize is in my #admins room for my Workspace.

Your #admins room also includes your dedicated Expensify Setup Specialist who will help you onboard and answer your questions. You can chat with them directly from your #admins room. If you have a subscription of 10 or more members, you can chat with your dedicated Account Manager, who is also added to your #admins room for ongoing product support.

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