Reimbursement in Expensify is quick, easy, and completely free. Let Expensify do the tedious work for you by taking advantage of features to automate employee reimbursement.

How to Enable Reimbursement

There are several options for reimbursing employees in Expensify. The options available will depend on which country your business bank account is domiciled in.

Direct Reimbursement

Direct reimbursement is available to companies who have a verified US bank account and are reimbursing employees within the US. To use direct reimbursement, you must have a US business bank account verified in Expensify.

A Workspace admin can enable direct reimbursement via Settings > Workspaces > Workspace Name > Reimbursement > Direct.

Additional features under Reimbursement > Direct:

  • Select a default reimburser for the Workspace from the dropdown menu. The default reimburser is the person who will receive notifications to reimburse reports in Expensify. You’ll be able to choose among all Workspace Admins who have access to the business bank account.
  • Set a default withdrawal account for the Workspace. This will set a default bank account that report reimbursements are withdrawn from.
  • Set a manual reimbursement threshold to automate reimbursement. Reports whose total falls under the manual reimbursement threshhold will be reimbursed automatocally upon final approval; reports whose total falls above the threshhold will need to be reimbursed manually by the default reimburser.

Expensify also offers direct global reimbursement to some companies with verified bank accounts in USD, GBP, EUR and AUD who are reimbursing employees internationally. For more information about Global Reimbursement, see LINK

Indirect Reimbursement

Indirect reimbursement is available to all companies in Expensify and no bank account is required. Indirect reimbursement indicates that the report will be reimbursed outside of Expensify.

A Workspace admin can enanble indirect reimbursement via Settings > Workspaces > Workspace Name > Reimbursement > Indirect.

Additional features under Reimbursement > Indirect: If you reimburse through a seperate system or through payroll, Expensify can collect and export employee bank account details for you. Just reach out to your Account Manager or for us to add the Reimbursement Details Export format to the account.


How do I export employee bank account details once the Reimbursement Details Export format is added to my account?

Employee bank account details can be exported from the Reports page by selecting the relevant Approved reports and then clicking Export to > Reimbursement Details Export.

Is it possible to change the name of a verified business bank account in Expensify?

Bank account names can be updated via Settings > Accounts > Payments and clicking the pencil icon next to the bank account name.

What is the benefit of setting a default reimburser?

The main benefit of being defined as the “reimburser” in the Workspace settings is that this user will receive notifications on their Home page alerting them when reports need to be reimbursed.

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