Expensify Invoicing lets you create and send invoices, receive payments, and track the status of your invoices with Expensify, regardless of whether your customer has an Expensify account. Invoicing is included with all Expensify subscriptions, no matter the plan — just pay the processing fee (2.9%) per transaction.

How to Set Up Expensify Invoicing

If you have a Group Workspace:

  1. Log into your Expensify account from the web (not the mobile app)
  2. Head to Settings > Workspaces > Group > [Workspace Name] > Invoices.

If you have an Individual Workspace:

  1. Log into your Expensify account from the web (not the mobile app)
  2. Head to Settings > Workspaces > Individual > [Workspace Name]> Invoices.

Here, you’ll be able to create a markup or add a payment account. Don’t forget you need a verified bank account to send or accept invoice payments via ACH.

Deep Dive

To help your invoice stand out and look more professional, you can:

  • Add your logo
  • Set your workspace currency to add default report-level fields
  • Create additional report-level fields to display more details

From your Expensify account on the web (not the mobile app), go to Settings > Account > Account Details. Then click Edit Photo under Your Details to upload your logo.

Set the Workspace Currency

To set your currency, head to Settings > Workspaces > Individual or Group > Reports. This will add default report-level fields to your invoices. You can see these at the bottom of your Reports page.

Here are the default report-level fields based on common currencies:

  • GBP: VAT Number & Supplier Address (your company address)
  • EUR: VAT Number & Supplier Address (your company address)
  • AUD: ABN Number & Supplier Address (your company address)
  • NZD: GST Number & Supplier Address (your company address)
  • CAD: Business Number & Supplier Address (your company address)

Adding Additional Fields to Your Invoices

In addition to the default report-level fields, you can create custom invoice fields.

At the bottom of the same Reports page, under the Add New Field section, you’ll have multiple options.

  • Field Title: This is the name of the field as displayed on your invoice.
  • Type: You have the option to select a text-based field, a dropdown of selections, or a date selector.
  • Report Type: Select Invoice to add the field to your invoices.

Don’t forget to click the Add button once you’ve set your field parameters!

For example, you may want to add a PO number, business address, website, or any other custom fields.

Please check the regulations in your local jurisdiction to ensure tax and business compliance.

Removing Fields from Your Invoices

If you want to delete a report field, click the red trashcan on the field in your Workspace > Individual or Group > Report settings to remove it from all future invoices. Unsent invoices will have a red X next to the report field, which you can click to remove before sending the invoice to your customer.

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