Other Export Options


Here’s a quick look at how to export your expense and report data into a spreadsheet, accounting package, or PDF. We’ll also show you how to print out your reports in a few easy steps.

How to export expenses and reports to a CSV or accounting package

From the Expenses page, you can export individual expenses into a CSV. From the Reports page, you can export entire reports into a CSV or connected accounting package. Here’s how to do both:

  1. Go to either the Expenses or Reports page
  2. On the left hand side, select the expenses/reports you’d like to export
  3. Click Export to at the top right of the page
  4. Choose the desired export option

You can use one of the default templates or create your own template. The default templates and the option to export to a connected accounting package are only available on the Reports page. Visit the specific help page for your accounting package to learn more about how to get this set up.

How to export a report as a PDF

  1. Go to the Reports page
  2. Click into a report
  3. Click on Details in the top right of the report
  4. Click the download icon to generate a PDF

The PDF will include all expenses, any attached receipts, and all report notes.

How to print a report

  1. Go to the Reports page
  2. Click into a report
  3. Click on Details in the top right of the report
  4. Click the print icon

Why isn’t my report exporting?

Big reports with lots of expenses may cause the PDF download to fail due to images with large resolutions. In that case, try breaking the report into multiple smaller reports. Also, please note that a report must have at least one expense to be exported or saved as a PDF.

Can I download multiple PDFs at once?

No, you can’t download multiple reports as PDFs at the same time. If you’d like to export multiple reports, an alternative to consider is the CSV export option.

The data exported to Excel is showing incorrectly. How can I fix this?

When opening a CSV file export from Expensify in Excel, it’ll automatically register report IDs and transaction IDs as numbers and assign the number format to the report ID column. If a number is greater than a certain length, Excel will contract the number and display it in exponential form. To prevent this, the number needs to be imported as text, which can be done by opening Excel and clicking File > Import > select your CSV file > follow the prompts and on step 3 set the report ID/transactionID column to import as Text.

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