Set default report title

Workspace Admins can set a default report title for all reports created under a specific workspace. If desired, these titles can also be enforced to prevent employees from changing them.

  1. Hover over Settings and select Workspaces.
  2. Select the desired workspace.
  3. Click the Reports tab on the left.
  4. Scroll down to the Default Report Title section.
  5. Configure the formula. You can use the example provided on the page as a guide or choose from more report formula options.
    • Some formulas will automatically update the report title as changes are made to the report. For example, any formula related to dates, total amounts, workspace name, would adjust the title before the report is submitted for approval. Changes will not retroactively update report titles for reports which have been Approved or Reimbursed.
  6. If desired, enable the Enforce Default Report Title toggle. This will prevent employees from editing the default title.

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