Report statuses

Each report is given a status based on where it is in the approval process:

  • Open: The report is “In Progress” and has not yet been submitted. If an open report is also labeled as Rejected, that means that the report was submitted but then rejected by an Approver because it requires adjustments. Open the report to review the comments for clarification on the rejection and next steps to take.
  • Processing: The report has been submitted and is pending approval.
  • Approved: The report has been approved but has not been reimbursed. For non-reimbursable reports, this is the final status.
  • Reimbursed: The report has been successfully reimbursed. If a reimbursed report is also labeled as
    • Withdrawing, an ACH process is initiated.
    • Confirmed, the ACH process is in progress or complete.
  • Closed: The report is closed.

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