Assign report approvers to specific employees

To assign different approvers for different employees, your workspace must use Advanced Approvals as the report approval workflow.

Rather than having one approver for all members of the workspace, you can use the Advanced Approvals workflow to assign different report approvers to specific employees.

To assign a report approver to a specific member of your workspace,

  1. Hover over Settings, then click Workspaces.
  2. Click the desired workspace name.
  3. Click the Members tab on the left.
  4. Click Settings next to the desired member.
  5. Click the “Approves to” dropdown and select the desired approver for the member’s reports.
  6. Click Save.

You can also set

  • Over-limit approval rules that require a secondary approver when a specific member’s report expenses exceed a set limit.
  • Approvers for expenses under a specific tag or category.

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