Global VaTax


The Expensify-Global VaTax integration turns your company’s international expenses into an easy VAT refund. If your company is based in the U.S. but doing business abroad, track your expenses in Expensify and then sync to Global VaTax to receive a VAT refund.


Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax applied to goods and services in many countries. It is typically applied automatically upon purchase, however, international business travelers can reclaim some VAT.

VAT-recoverable expenses include hotels, entertainment, conferences, legal and marketing fees, DDP shipping and storage fees, aviation recovery, and other international expenses.

VAT Refund

The VAT refund process is complex and requires a detailed understanding of the regulations and requirements in each country. The VAT rules and rates vary from country to country and by expense type.

You can seamlessly sync your Expensify expenses to Global VaTax for easy VAT analysis, calculation, and reporting.

How to Connect to Global VaTax

  1. Fill out this form to receive a confirmation email from Global VaTax.
  2. Click the link in the confirmation email to sign into your Global VaTax account.
  3. Go to the Method of Extraction section.
  4. Click Expensify
  5. Follow the steps to obtain your partner credentials and activate the integration.
  6. Enter your credentials and extraction dates
  7. Click Submit
  8. VaTax Cloud will begin automatically calculating your VAT rates for each eligible expense line item, per expense type, in each country.
  9. Within a few hours, you’ll receive an email that your VAT potential analysis report is ready for review.

Your VAT reclaim will be prepared by Global VaTax in the necessary languages and submitted to the appropriate tax agents in each country.

After submitting your VAT reclaim, you can track it via the submission analysis report in Global VaTax.

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