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What is a Partner Manager?

A Partner Manager is a dedicated point of contact to support our ExpensifyApproved! Accountants with questions about their Expensify account. Partner Managers support our accounting partners by providing recommendations for client’s accounts, assisting with firm-wide training, and ensuring partners receive the full benefits of our partnership program. They will actively monitor open technical issues and be proactive with recommendations to increase efficiency and minimize time spent on expense management.

Unlike Concierge, a Partner Manager’s support will not be real-time, 24 hours a day. A benefit of Concierge is that you get real-time support every day. Your partner manager will be super responsive when online, but anything sent when they’re offline will not be responded to until they’re online again.

For real-time responses and simple troubleshooting issues, you can always message our general support by writing to Concierge via the in-product chat or by emailing

How do I know if I have a Partner Manager?

For your firm to be assigned a Partner Manager, you must complete the ExpensifyApproved! University training course. Every external accountant or bookkeeper who completes the training is automatically enrolled in our program and receives all the benefits, including access to the Partner Manager. So everyone at your firm must complete the training to receive the maximum benefit.

You can check to see if you’ve completed the course and enrolled in the ExpensifyApproved! Accountants program simply by logging into your Expensify account. In the bottom left-hand corner of the website, you will see the ExpensifyApproved! logo.

How do I contact my Partner Manager?

You can contact your Partner Manager by:

  • Signing in to and searching for your Partner Manager
  • Replying to or clicking the chat link on any email you get from your Partner Manager


How do I know if my Partner Manager is online?

You will be able to see if they are online via their status in, which will either say “online” or have their working hours.

What if I’m unable to reach my Partner Manager?

If you’re unable to contact your Partner Manager (i.e., they’re out of office for the day) you can reach out to Concierge for assistance. Your Partner Manager will get back to you when they’re online again.

Can I get on a call with my Partner Manager?

Of course! You can ask your Partner Manager to schedule a call whenever you think one might be helpful. Partner Managers can discuss client onboarding strategies, firm wide training, and client setups.

We recommend continuing to work with Concierge for general support questions, as this team is always online and available to help immediately.

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