Unlimited Virtual Cards


For admins to issue virtual cards, your company must upgrade to Expensify’s new Expensify Visa® Commercial Card.

Once upgraded to the new Expensify Card, admins can issue an unlimited number of virtual cards with a fixed or monthly limit for specific company purchases or recurring subscription payments (e.g., Marketing purchases, Advertising, Travel, Amazon Web Services, etc.).

This feature supports businesses that require tighter controls on company spending, allowing customers to set fixed or monthly spending limits for each virtual card.

Use virtual cards if your company needs or wants:

  • To use one card per vendor or subscription,
  • To issue cards for one-time purchases with a fixed amount,
  • To issue cards for events or trips,
  • To issue cards with a low limit that renews monthly,

Admins can also name each virtual card, making it easy to categorize and assign them to specific accounts upon creation. Naming the card ensures a clear and organized overview of expenses within the Expensify platform.

How to set up virtual cards

After adopting the new Expensify Card, domain admins can issue virtual cards to any employee using an email matching your domain. Once created and assigned, the card will be visible under the name given to the card.

To assign a virtual card:

Head to Settings > Domains > Company Cards and click the Issue Virtual Cards button. From there:

  1. Enter a card name (i.e., “Google Ads”).
  2. Select a domain member to assign the card to.
  3. Enter a card limit.
  4. Select a Limit Type of Fixed or Monthly.
  5. Click Issue Card.

The Issue Virtual Cards modal is open in the middle of the screen. There are four options to set; Card Name, Assignee, Card Limit, and Limit type. A cancel (left) and save (right) button are at the bottom right of the modal.

How to edit virtual cards

Domain admin can update the details of a virtual card on the Company Cards page.

To edit a virtual card:

  1. Click the Edit button to the right of the card.
  2. Change the editable details.
  3. Click Edit Card to save the changes.

How to terminate a virtual card

Domain admin can also terminate a virtual card on the Company Cards page by setting the limit to $0.

To terminate a virtual card:

  1. Click the Edit button to the right of the card.
  2. Set the limit to $0.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Refresh your web page, and the card will be removed from the list.

What is the difference between a fixed limit and a monthly limit?

There are two different limit types that are best suited for their intended purpose.

  • Fixed limit spend cards are ideal for one-time expenses or providing employees access to a card for a designated purchase.
  • Monthly limit spend cards are perfect for managing recurring expenses such as subscriptions and memberships.

Where can employees see their virtual cards?

Employees can see their assigned virtual cards by navigating to Settings > Account > Credit Cards Import in their account.

On this page, employees can see the remaining card limit, the type of card it is (i.e., fixed or monthly), and view the name given to the card.

When the employee needs to use the card, they’ll click the Show Details button to expose the card details for making purchases.

Note: If the employee doesn’t have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled when they display the card details, they’ll be prompted to enable it. Enabling 2FA for their account provides the best protection from fraud and is required to dispute virtual card expenses.

What do I do when there is fraud on one of our virtual cards?

If you or an employee loses their virtual card, experiences fraud, or suspects the card details are no longer secure, please request a new card immediately. A domain admin can also set the limit for the card to $0 to terminate the specific card immediately if the employee cannot take action.

When the employee requests a new card, the compromised card will be terminated immediately. This is best practice for any Expensify Card and if fraud is suspected, action should be taken as soon as possible to reduce financial impact on the company.

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