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Expensify offers various plans depending on your needs: Track, Submit, Collect, Control, and Free. Your choice of plan depends on whether you want to manage your expenses individually or for a group or company. You may need to upgrade from an individual plan to a group plan if you recently hired additional employees that need should be added to a Group Workspace, or you need access to Expensify’s features that are only available on a paid plan.

How to change a subscription on an Individual Plan

Change Individual Plan


  1. Go to Settings > Workspaces > Individual > [Your Individual Workspace]
  2. Click on Plan and select Switch under the plan you want to switch to


    Open the Expensify app and:

  3. Tap the hamburger icon (three lines) on the top left
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Tap View All under your Workspace
  6. Select the Workspace you want to change under the “Individual” tab
  7. Tap Current Plan under Plan
  8. Find the Switch option under the plan you’re not currently using

    Upgrade to a Group Plan

    To upgrade to a group plan, you will need to create a Group Workspace by heading to Settings > Workspaces > Group and choosing a Collect or Control plan.

How to change a subscription on a Group Plan

Change Group Plan


  1. Go to Settings > Workspaces > Group > [Your Group Workspace]
  2. Click on Plan and select Switch under the plan you want to switch to.


  1. In the Expensify mobile app, navigate to Settings > Workspaces > [Your Workspace] > Current Plan > Switch.

Adjust subscription size

When you first create a subscription, you can manually set your size by entering a number in the Subscription Size field of your subscription settings by heading to Settings > Workspaces > Group > Subscription.

If you choose not to set a size yourself, it will be calculated automatically for your first bill based on your depending on which scenario below fits your use case:

  • If you’ve never had activity in Expensify, your subscription size is set automatically to match the number of active users you had your first month of using Expensify on your Annual Subscription. This means you’ll see the number update automatically after your first billing.
  • For existing Workspaces switching to an annual subscription, the subscription size is set to the number of active users on your last month’s billing history.

Auto increase subscription size

This feature manages your subscription by automatically increasing the count whenever there is activity that exceeds your subscription size. Whenever your subscription size is increased, you will start a new 12-month commitment for the new subscription size in full.

To enable automatically increasing your subscription size, head to Settings > Workspaces > Group > Subscription and toggle this feature on.

Auto renew

By default, your subscription is set to automatically renew after a year. To disable this, head to Settings > Workspaces > Subscription and use the toggle to turn this feature off before your current subscription ends.

If Auto Renew is disabled then the last bill at the annual rate will be issued on the date listed under the Auto Renew settings.

How to downgrade to a free account from an Individual Plan


  1. Log in to your account through a web browser.
  2. Go to Settings > Policies > Individual > Subscription.
  3. Click “Cancel Subscription” to end your Monthly Subscription.

Note: Your subscription is a pre-purchase for 30 days of unlimited SmartScanning. This means that when you cancel, you do not get a refund and instead get to use the remainder of the month of unlimited SmartScanning you purchased.

App Store

If you subscribed via iOS, you must cancel your monthly subscription through the App Store by heading to App Store > click on your ID > Subscriptions. You can’t cancel it directly in Expensify.

How to downgrade to a free account from a Group Plan


If you have a Group Workspace and use Pay-Per-Use billing, you can downgrade by going to Settings > Workspaces > Group and clicking the cog button next to your Workspace name, then choosing Delete.

Note: Deleting a Workspace removes its configurations and Workspace members but not their Expensify accounts.

When deleting your final paid Workspace, if any Workspace members have been active that month (this means anybody who created, edited, submitted, approved, exported, or deleted a report) you will be billed for their activity as part of the downgrade flow.

Annual subscription

If you recently started an annual subscription, you can downgrade for a full refund before the second bill. If you meet the criteria below, you can request a refund by going to Settings > Your Account > Billing in the web app:

  • Own Collect or Control Group Workspaces
  • Have only been billed for a single month
  • Have not cleared a balance in the past

Note: Refunds apply to Collect or Control Group Workspaces with one month of billing and no previous balance.

Once you’ve successfully downgraded to a free Expensify account, your Workspace will be deleted and you will see a refund line item added to your Billing History.


Will I be charged for a monthly subscription even if I don’t use SmartScans?

Yes, the Monthly Subscription is prepaid and not based on activity, so you’ll be charged regardless of usage.

I’m on a group policy; do I need the monthly subscription too?

Probably not. Group policy members already have unlimited SmartScans, so there’s usually no need to buy the subscription. However, you can use it for personal use if you leave your company’s Workspace.

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