Billing Overview


Expensify’s billing is based on monthly member activity. At the beginning of each month, you’ll be billed for the previous month’s activity. Your Expensify bill ultimately depends on your plan type, whether you’re on an annual subscription or pay-per-use billing, and whether you’re using the Expensify Visa® Commercial Card.

How billing works in Expensify

Expensify bills the owners of Group Workspaces on the first of each month for the previous month’s usage. You can find billing receipts in Settings > Account > Payments > Billing History. We recommend that businesses have one billing owner for all of their Group Workspaces.

Active members

An active member is anyone who chats, creates, submits, approves, reimburses, or exports a report in Expensify in any given month. This includes Copilots and automated settings.

Annual subscription

With an annual subscription, you set your monthly active member count at the beginning and get a 50% discount on your monthly active member cost. That means an annual subscription paired with the Collect plan will cost $10 per monthly active member instead of $20, and the Control plan will cost $18 instead of $36.

Each month, you’ll be billed for the amount of members you originally set in your subscription size. Any active members in a given month above this subscription size will be billed at the pay-per-use rate.

For example, let’s say you set your annual subscription size at 10 members and you’re on the Control plan. You’ll be billed $18/member for 10 members each month. However, let’s say in one particular month you had 12 active members, you’d be billed at $18/member for the 10 members in your subscription size + $36/member (pay-per-use rate) for the additional 2 active members.

You can always increase your annual subscription size, which will extend your annual subscription length. However, you cannot reduce your annual subscription size until your current subscription has ended. If you have any questions about this, contact Concierge or your account manager.


The pay-per-use rate is the full rate per active member without any discounts. The pay-per-use rate for each member on the Collect plan is $20, and on the Control plan, it is $36.

How the Expensify Card can reduce your bill

Bundling the Expensify Card with an annual subscription ensures you pay the lowest possible monthly price for Expensify. And the more you spend on Expensify Cards, the lower your bill will be.

If at least 50% of your approved USD spend in a given month is on your company’s Expensify Cards, you will receive an additional 50% discount on the price per member. This additional 50% discount, when coupled with an annual subscription, brings the price per member to $5 on a Collect plan and $9 on a Control plan.

Additionally, every month, you receive 1% cash back on all Expensify Card purchases, and 2% if the spend across your Expensify Cards is $250k or more (applies to US purchases only). Any cash back from the Expensify Card is first applied to your Expensify bill, further reducing your price per member. Any leftover cash back is deposited directly into your connected bank account.

Savings calculator

To see how much money you can save (and even earn!) by using the Expensify Card, check out our savings calculator. Just enter a few details and see how much you’ll save!


What if we put less than 50% of our total spend on the Expensify Card?

If less than 50% of your total USD spend is on the Expensify Card, the bill is discounted on a sliding scale.


  • Annual subscription discount: 50%
  • % of Expensify Card spend (US purchases only) across all workspaces: 20%
  • Expensify Card discount: 20%

In that case, you’d save 70% on the price per member for that month’s bill.

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