Report Audit Log and Comments


At the bottom of each expense report, there’s a section that acts as an audit log for the report. This section details report actions, such as submitting, approving, or exporting. The audit log records the user who completed the action as well as the timestamp for the action.

This section also doubles as the space where submitters, approvers, and admins can converse with each other by leaving comments. Comments trigger notifications to everyone connected to the report and help facilitate communication inside of Expensify.

How to use the audit log

All report actions are recorded in the audit log. Anytime you need to identify who touched a report or track its progress through the approval process, simply scroll down to the bottom of the report and review the log.

Each recorded action is timestamped - tap or mouse over the timestamp to see the exact date and time the action occurred.

How to use report comments

There’s a freeform field just under the audit log where you can leave a comment on the report. Type in your comment and click or tap the green arrow to send. The comment will be visible to anyone with visibility on the report, and also automatically sent to anyone who has actioned the report.

Deep Dive

Audit log

Here’s a list of actions recorded by the audit log:

  • Report creation
  • Report submission
  • Report approval
  • Report reimbursement
  • Exports to accounting or to CSV/Excel files
  • Report and expense rejections
  • Changes made to expenses by approvers/admins
  • Changes made to report fields by approvers/admins
  • Automated actions taken by Concierge

Both manual and automated actions are recorded. If a report action is completed by Concierge, that generally indicates an automation feature triggered the action. For example, an entry that shows a report submitted by Concierge indicates that the Scheduled Submit feature is enabled.

Note that timestamps for actions recorded in the log reflect your own timezone. You can either set a static time zone manually, or we can trace your location data to set a time zone automatically for you.

To set your time zone manually, head to Settings > Account > Preferences > Time Zone and check Automatically Set my Time Zone, or uncheck the box and manually choose your time zone from the searchable list of locations.


Anyone with visibility on a report can leave a comment. Comments are interspersed with audit log entries.

Report comments initially trigger a mobile app notification to report participants. If you don’t read the notification within a certain amount of time, you’ll receive an email notification with the report comment instead. The email will include a link to the report, allowing you to view and add additional comments directly on the report. You can also reply directly to the email, which will record your response as a comment.

Comments can be formatted with bold, italics, or strikethrough using basic Markdown formatting. You can also add receipts and supporting documents to a report by clicking the paperclip icon on the right side of the comment field.


Why don’t some timestamps in Expensify match up with what’s shown in the report audit log?

While the audit log is localized to your own timezone, some other features in Expensify (like times shown on the reports page) are not. Those use UTC as a baseline, so it’s possible that some times may look mismatched at first glance. In reality, it’s just a timezone discrepancy.

Is commenting on a report a billable action?

Yes. If you comment on a report, you become a billable actor for the current month.

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