Delegate when out of office

When you’re out of office or on vacation, you can assign a Vacation Delegate to manage your reports while you’re away. Domain Admins can also assign delegates for other members of their domain.

A Vacation Delegate approves expense reports on behalf of another workspace member when needed. Once they are assigned, any reports sent to the member for approval will immediately start going to their delegate. Then when the member is ready to take over their reports again, they’ll be able to disable the delegate.

Expensify keeps a detailed audit trail to show exactly when a delegate stepped in to approve reports on someone else’s behalf and what actions they took on the report.

Assign a delegate for yourself

  1. Hover over Settings and click Account.
  2. Under Account Details, scroll down to the Vacation Delegate section.
  3. Enter the email address or phone number for the person you want to assign as your delegate.
  4. Click Set Delegate.

Any reports that usually come to you will now go to your delegate instead. You can see every action your Vacation Delegate takes on your behalf for each report under the report history and comments.

Disable a delegate

When you’re ready to take over your reports again, remove the delegate by clicking the Return from Vacation banner at the top of your account.

Assign a delegate for an employee

You must be a Domain Admin to complete this process.

  1. Hover over Settings and click Domains.
  2. Click the name of the domain.
  3. Click the Domain Members tab on the left.
  4. Find the member you want to assign a delegate for by using the filters to filter by their name, or enter their name into the “Find Members” search box.
  5. Click Edit Settings next to the member.
  6. Enter the delegate’s phone number or email address into the Vacation Delegate field.
  7. Click Save.


Why can’t my Vacation Delegate reimburse reports that they approve?

If your Vacation Delegate also needs to reimburse reports on your behalf while you’re away, they’ll also need access to the reimbursement account. If they do not have access to the reimbursement account used on your workspace, they won’t have the option to reimburse reports, even as your Vacation Delegate.

What if my Vacation Delegate is also on vacation?

Your delegate can also pick their own Vacation Delegate. This way, expense reports continue to get approved even if multiple members are away at the same time.

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