Annual Subscription


An Annual Subscription offers a 50% cost savings on active user pricing while allowing your company to manage multiple Workspaces across your organization and maintain predictable cost for your Expensify activity.

For pricing details, see, and find more ways to save with the Expensify Card here.

How to set subscription size

When you first create a subscription, the best practice is to set your subscription size by entering the average number of active users you expect to have each month for the next year. For example, if you expect to have an average of 10 users each month, even if they are not always the same users, set your subscription size to 10. No need to provision and deprovision access to your team, so you still enjoy flexible usage across the entire company!

If your Workspaces have more than 10 active users in a month, you will pay the unbundled Pay-per-use rate for the additional users. If you’d like to avoid this, you can enable Auto Increase so your subscription size increases based on Workspace user activity.

An ‘Active User’ is anyone who chats, creates, submits, approves, reimburses, or exports a report in Expensify. This includes actions taken by Copilots and any automated settings.

To set your subscription size, go to Settings > Workspaces > Groups > Subscription.

If you do not set a specific subscription size, this will be automatically updated based on your past activity:

  • If you’ve never had activity in Expensify, your subscription size will be set after your first month. Work with your Setup Specialist or Account Manager to determine the best subscription size for your team!

  • For existing Workspaces switching to an Annual Subscription, the subscription size is set to the number of active users on your last month’s billing history.

  • If Auto Increase is not selected, and you have more active users than you’ve input as the subscription size, you will be billed for those at the Pay-per-use rate.

How to adjust subscription size

You can add users to your subscription at any time. However, note that when your subscription size is increased, you will start a new 12-month subscription at that new subscription size.

You can increase your subscription size manually or automatically.

  • To manually increase the size, just update the number in your subscription settings (Settings > Workspaces > Groups > Subscription).

  • To automatically increase your subscription size, enable Auto Increase. This feature manages your subscription by automatically increasing the count whenever there is activity that exceeds your subscription size. (Settings > Workspaces > Groups > Subscription)

Note: After increasing your subscription size, you won’t be able to decrease it for the next 12 months. If your active user numbers tend to fluctuate, you might want to keep this feature disabled. This way, you’ll only pay for additional active users in the months they are active. Keep in mind that increasing the subscription size will reset your 12-month subscription period.

How to disable Auto Renew

By default, your subscription is set to automatically renew after a year. To disable this, click the toggle from your subscription settings before the current subscription ends. (Settings > Workspaces > Groups > Subscription)

If Auto Renew is disabled, then the last bill at the annual rate will be issued on the date listed under the Auto Renew settings. For example, if your subscription expires on March 1, 2021, then February 2021 will be the last month billed at the annual rate. If you do not set a new subscription, March activity will be billed at the Pay-per-use rate.

We recommend that you review your user count annually on a proactive basis. Set a reminder to review your active user numbers a month before your subscription expires! If you’d like assistance determining your subscription number, please contact your Account Manager or

If you need to decrease your subscription size, you can do this in the first billing month before you are billed. Using the example above, this would be during March 2021.

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