Deposit Accounts AUD

How-to add your Australian personal deposit account information

  1. Confirm with your Policy Admin that they’ve set up Global Reimbursment
  2. Set your default policy (by selecting the correct policy after clicking on your profile picture) before adding your deposit account.
  3. Go to Settings > Account > Payments and click Add Deposit-Only Bank Account Click the Add Deposit-Only Bank Account button

  4. Enter your BSB, account number and name. If your screen looks different than the image below, that means your company hasn’t enabled reimbursements through Expensify. Please contact your administrator and ask them to enable reimbursements.

Fill in the required fields

How-to delete a bank account

Bank accounts are easy to delete! Simply click the red Delete button in the bank account under Settings > Account > Payments.

Click the Delete button

You can complete this process on a computer or on the mobile app.

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