Set Per Diem Rates in Expensify

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New Feature: We've just updated Expensify to allow you to define your own Per Diem rates in your corporate policies. This gives you a much easier way to track your Per Diem expenses.

Right now, you can manage and create Per Diem expenses in the web app, and we'll soon be adding the option to create Per Diem expenses in the mobile app.

Our customers typically use one of three types of Per Diem expenses: 

  1. Single Rate
  2. Project/Client
  3. Geographical/ Destination

We support all three of these use cases really well, and all you need to do is to set up your rates in your policy (via the new Per Diem tab).

Once you've added these rates to your policy, your employees can then create a new Per Diem expense (Just click New Expense -> Per Diem). They'll just need to enter the quantity of the rate to claim, select the rate itself, the day of the claim, and any extra information. The amount of the claim is calculated automatically, and once created you cannot edit the amount.

Per Diem Create Expense.png

Need more information? Our Per Diem help page covers this in more detail, and discusses how to set up your rates under the three use cases described above.

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