NetSuite Vendor Bill Reimbursement Sync and Default A/P Approval Account

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Update: We are excited to announce a couple of new features that are going to make your Expensify and NetSuite experience even easier!

First, for anyone exporting Expense Reports, you can now have the option to select the default payable account you would like paid reports to post against. What does this mean? Now, there is the option to select the payable account paid reports will post against, instead of being limited to the default account in the NetSuite subsidiary settings. This is especially beneficial for those companies that want to use different payment accounts for different purposes.

By using this option located under the advanced tab in the configuration settings, you can avoid having the default account change and keep the correct account selected for Expensify payments:

Next, you can keep paid Vendor Bills in sync from Expensify to NetSuite, and vice versa. If you export an unpaid bill to NetSuite, and you then reimburse the employee via Expensify Reimbursement, we will mark the bill as paid in NetSuite. Conversely, if you pay the bill in NetSuite, we will move the report from an “Approved” state, to a “Reimbursed” state in Expensify. To enable this sync, go to Admin > Policy > Connections > Netsuite configuration > Advanced tab. From there, you can select to sync reimbursed reports:



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