Sage Intacct auto-sync is live!

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Update: You no longer have to manually sync report to Intacct! Non-reimbursable expenses are immediately synced over to your Sage Intacct account once the report is  final approved. For reimbursable expenses, your Sage Intacct data is automatically updated as soon as the report is enabled for reimbursement.

So admins, sit back and relax — we’ll handle the rest! To learn more, visit our help page about Auto Sync for Intacct.

Xero auto-sync is live!

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Update: You no longer have to manually sync report to Xero! Once reports are final approved in Expensify, it is automatically synced over to your Xero account. So admins, sit back and relax — we’ll take it from here!

To learn more, visit our help page about Auto-Sync for Xero.

QuickBooks Online auto-sync is live!

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Update: You don’t have to manually sync expense reports to QuickBooks Online anymore! After reports get the final stamp of approval, Expensify automatically syncs the reports over to the connected QBO account — no extra steps for admins required.

To learn more, visit our help page about Auto-Sync for QBO.

NetSuite auto-sync is live!

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Update: You no longer need to manually sync your expense reports to NetSuite! When reports are given final approval in Expensify, we’ll queue it up to sync over to NetSuite so there’s no extra steps for admins syncing reports to NetSuite.

Learn more on our help page about Auto-Sync for NetSuite. If you love this improvement, please consider joining over 200 companies and leave an Expensify review in the SuiteApp store.

Joining your colleagues in Expensify just got easier!

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New Feature: Admins can now enable Employee Policy Joining! This means that employees can automatically join their company policy simply by creating an Expensify account, using their work email address. Policy admins can enable this feature by navigating to Admin > [policy] > People. You can learn more about Automatic Joining on our help doc here

You can now bring in your custom segments from NetSuite!

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Update: Admins can now bring in custom segments from NetSuite into Expensify! These custom segments can be used as Tags or Report Fields in Expensify, allowing for refined customization and insight into report and expense data. You can enable custom segments by navigating to Admin > [policy] > Connections > NetSuite Configuration, or visit our help doc for a complete walkthrough.

Simplified Multi-Level Tag Configurations

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Update: We’ve simplified the entire process for multi-level tags! Admins can now directly enable and import new multilevel tags within a policy. Just go to Admin > [your policy name] > Tags. Once multi-level tags are enabled, new tags can be added via CSV import.

We’ve also introduced new tag configurations! Admins can now select individual tags as required fields or change the order in which the tags are displayed. To learn more about multi-level tags and how to get set up, check out our help doc.

Approve expenses from the mobile app

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New Feature: Approving reports on-the-go just got easier — users can now approve reports right from their mobile Inbox!

To approve reports from the iOS and Android app, head to your Inbox. Under Reports that need your attention, tap Begin Review to begin the approval process. If there are multiple reports awaiting your action, you’ll review them in the order they were submitted. But as always, Guided Review will walk you through any flagged issues.

Check out Puneet’s take on the evolution of Expensify’s Mobile Inbox on our blog!

Review reports faster than ever with receipt preview in Guided Review

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New Feature: When using Guided Review, one of the most common actions is viewing receipt details. Now, with receipt preview, you can zoom in on a receipt simply by hovering over its thumbnail. This means you can quickly determine whether you can approve an expense or investigate further. 

Chris from Percolate has already saved a lot of time approving reports, and said "Amazing!!! Really nice feature to add, saves me a lot of clicking"

Receipt Preview

Intacct reimbursement sync for expense reports

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We now support reimbursement sync for expense reports in Intacct! Now, when an expense report is reimbursed in Expensify, we will automatically sync over the bill payment to Intacct, crediting the account that you select below:

If you reimburse through an external system and move an expense report in Intacct to a Paid state, we will also sync that and move the corresponding expense report in Expensify to a Reimbursed state.

To enable this, go to Admin > [policy name] > Connections > Configure > Advanced > toggle the "Sync reimbursed reports" option to on.

Individual transactions can now be exported as a single NetSuite Journal Entry

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Update: Admins can now export each non-reimbursable transaction in Expensify as an individual journal entry in NetSuite. This makes it easier for admins to quickly associate and reconcile credit card transactions.

To update select your Journal Entry posting preference, go to Admin > Policy > Connections > NetSuite Configuration

Create Per Diem Expenses via the Mobile App

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New Feature: You can now create Per Diem expenses in the iOS and Android app. So, if you’re on a business trip and claiming Per Diem allowances instead of receipt tracking, you can create your Per Diem claims when you’re on the road. 

To use Per Diem, just tap the plus symbol on the mobile app, then tap Per Diem. Remember: you’ll need an administrator to enable and configure Per Diem on your policy before you can create Per Diem expenses. They can do this via Admin > [your policy name] > Per Diem, or find extra information on our help documentation.

Duplicate Detection for Forwarded Email Receipt

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New Feature: When an email receipt is forwarded, we now filter duplicates into a “Deleted Receipts” folder to prevent creating duplicate expenses. Concierge will also reach out to let the user know about the flagged receipt.

Note: By default, the Expenses page only shows the last 6 weeks of expense. If you’re having trouble finding an expense, try adjusting your filters to include older receipts.

New Company Card Settings in Domain Control

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Update: We’ve replaced the configuration dropdowns in Domain Control with tabs, making it easier for admins to manage corporate cards. Check out the new look via Admin > Domain Control > Company Cards.

Default Tax Support for International Expenses

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Update: Instead of applying the standard tax rate across all expenses, you can apply a different tax rate  — including exemption — for internationally incurred expenses. With this change, employees and admins can improve the accuracy of taxes applied, without spending extra time reviewing expenses.

Admins can choose to set a different default tax rate for employees’ internationally incurred expenses by going to Admin > [policy name] > Tax .

NetSuite Vendor Bill Reimbursement Sync and Default A/P Approval Account

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Update: We are excited to announce a couple of new features that are going to make your Expensify and NetSuite experience even easier!

First, for anyone exporting Expense Reports, you can now have the option to select the default payable account you would like paid reports to post against. What does this mean? Now, there is the option to select the payable account paid reports will post against, instead of being limited to the default account in the NetSuite subsidiary settings. This is especially beneficial for those companies that want to use different payment accounts for different purposes.

By using this option located under the advanced tab in the configuration settings, you can avoid having the default account change and keep the correct account selected for Expensify payments:

Next, you can keep paid Vendor Bills in sync from Expensify to NetSuite, and vice versa. If you export an unpaid bill to NetSuite, and you then reimburse the employee via Expensify Reimbursement, we will mark the bill as paid in NetSuite. Conversely, if you pay the bill in NetSuite, we will move the report from an “Approved” state, to a “Reimbursed” state in Expensify. To enable this sync, go to Admin > Policy > Connections > Netsuite configuration > Advanced tab. From there, you can select to sync reimbursed reports:



Report Attachments no longer automatically SmartScan

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Update: Report Attachments no longer SmartScan by default! If you’re using Report Attachments to provide additional expense documentation (such as bank statements or travel itineraries), that means you don’t have to worry about accidentally creating a duplicate SmartScanned expense.

If you do want to SmartScan your attachment, just click the SmartScan button, or use our mobile app to capture receipts on-the-go. Did you know also that you can forward emailed receipts to

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