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The Free Plan

What is the Free Plan?

The free plan is ideal for start-ups and small businesses to manage expenses. With the Free Plan, a workspace admin can set their team up with Expensify Cards, reimburse cash expenses, send invoices, and manage bills, all for free! You will have total visibility and control over all spending associated with your workspace in real time.

Features Included with the Free Plan

  • Expensify Cards for all employees
  • Invoicing
  • Bill Pay
  • Unlimited receipt scanning for everyone in the company
  • Free next-day ACH reimbursements for cash expenses
  • Up to 4% cash back
  • Free corporate travel booking

Setting Up the Free Plan

  • Navigate to, enter your company email address, and set a password
  • Click the green “+” button and select New workspace

Once you’ve created your Workspace, you will receive a message from Concierge encouraging you to chat with your Setup Specialist. Click the link in the message, and your designated Setup Specialist will guide you through how to configure your company setup.

Once you’ve completed your company setup, you should have completed the following tasks:

  • Connected a business bank account (Settings menu > Click Bank account and follow the prompts).
  • Invited members to the workspace
  • Assigned Expensify Cards

Inviting Members to the Free Plan:

  • Navigate to the Settings Menu and click Members to invite your team. You can invite employees one at a time, or you can invite multiple users by listing out their email addresses separated by a comma
  • To use the Expensify Card, you must invite them to your workspace via your company email address (i.e., and NOT

Managing the Free Plan

To access your workspace settings, click your profile icon and then on your workspace name.

This settings menu allows you to manage your workspace members, issue additional Expensify Cards, and utilize this plan’s various bill pay and payment options.


Do I need a business bank account to use the Free Plan?

You will need a US business checking account if you want to enable the Expensify Card and set up direct ACH reimbursement. You will need to take a few steps to verify your business bank account and connect it to Expensify. You will also need to set aside some time and have your ID ready. If you’re not in the US, you can still use the Free Plan, but the Expensify Card and direct reimbursement will not be available.

Can my workspace have more than one Admin?

The Expensify Workplace only allows for one admin (the workspace creator).

Scheduled Submit is set to weekly on the Free Plan. Can I change this?

No, expense reports on the Free Plan submit weekly, and there is no way to customize approval settings.

With the Free Plan, can I add my own categories?

Categories are standardized on the Free Plan and can’t be edited. Custom categories and tags or accounting system integration are available on a paid plan.

With the Free Plan, can I export reports using a custom format?

The Free Plan offers standard report export formats. You’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to create a custom export format.

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