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Request and Send Money

How do these Payment Features work?

Our suite of money movement features enables you to request money owed by an individual, split a bill with a group, and proactively send money for a one-off expense.

Request Money lets your friends pay you back directly in Expensify. When you send a payment request to a friend, Expensify will display the amount owed and the option to pay the corresponding request in a chat between you.

Split Bill allows you to split payments between friends and ensures the person who settled the tab gets paid back.

Send Money allows you to send money to someone proactively. With this feature, you can Send Money to a friend without receiving a payment or split bill request.

These three features ensure you can live in the moment and settle up afterward.

How to Request Money

  • Select the Green + button and choose Request Money
  • Enter the amount $ they owe and click Next
  • Search for the user or enter their email!
  • Enter a reason for the request (optional)
  • Click Request!
  • If you change your mind, all you have to do is click Cancel
  • The user will be able to Settle up outside of Expensify or pay you via Venmo or

How to Split a Bill

  • Select the Green + button and choose Split Bill
  • Enter the total amount for the bill and click Next
  • Search for users or enter their emails and Select
  • Enter a reason for the split
  • The split is then shared equally between the attendees

How to Send Money

  • Click the green + button and select Send Money
  • Enter an amount > Next
  • Enter the email address or phone number (including area code) of the person you’re paying
  • Add a note about why you’re paying them (this is optional, but it’s fun!)
  • Click Pay with Expensify
  • Choose Bank Account* or Debit Card** * If paying with a Bank Account, follow the prompts to connect your bank to Expensify. ** If paying with a Debit Card, enter your card details and tap Save.


Send Money Payment: Why is the option to Pay With Expensify not visible to me?

If “I’ll Settle Elsewhere” is showing for you when you’re trying to send money, this is because we don’t support money movement through Expensify in your jurisdiction yet. You can use “I’ll settle elsewhere” if you want to track the payments for audit in Expensify.

I’ve received a payment request/bill split from a friend in a DM. Do I use Send Money to send this payment?

No. Click the green “Pay” button in the payment preview in the DM, and this will ensure you are paying the accompanying Payment or Bill Split request - canceling out the IOU to 0.

Can I request money from more than one person at a time?

If you need to request money for more than one person at a time, you’ll want to use the Split Bill feature. The Request Money option is for one-to-one payments between two people.

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