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What is Expensify Chat?

Expensify Chat is the ideal way to collaborate on expenses or payment requests by communicating in real time with your accountant, clients, employees, friends, and family.

With Expensify Chat, you can start a conversation about that missing receipt your employee forgot to submit or chat about splitting that electric bill with your roommates. Through eChat, you can even request money from your friends!

How to use Chat in Expensify

Download NewExpensify from the App Store or Google Play to use the chat function. You can also access your account at from your favorite web browser.

After downloading the app, log into your account (you’ll use the same username and password for your standard Expensify account). From there, you can customize your profile and start chatting immediately.

Start Chatting

Select New Chat to chat one-on-one or New Group to start a group chat.

Workspace Chat Rooms

In addition to 1:1 and group chat, members of a Workspace will have access to two additional rooms; the #announce and #admins rooms. All workspace members are added to the #announce room by default. The #announce room lets you share important company announcements and have conversations between workspace members.

Workspace admins will have access to the #admins room. Use the #admins room to collaborate between admins and your dedicated Expensify Guide!


How do I add more than one person to a chat?

Creating a Group chat with multiple people is easy. Start by clicking the green chat + button and select New Group. Search for the people you want to invite and check the circle to the far right. Once you’ve selected everyone, click the Create Group button at the bottom of your screen.

Can I add people to an existing Group chat?

Adding people to an existing group chat isn’t possible right now, so you’ll need to make a new group chat with the latest additions.

Someone I don’t recognize is in my #admins room for my workspace; who is it?

After creating your workspace, you’ll have a dedicated Expensify specialist who will help you onboard and answer your questions. You can chat with them directly in the #admins room or request a call to talk to them over the phone.

Can I force a chat to stay at the top of the chats list?

You sure can! Click on the chat you want to keep at the top of the list, and then click the small pin icon. From now on, your chat will stay pinned to the top of the chat list. If you want to unpin a chat, just click the pin icon again.

Deep Dive

Chat display, aka Priority Mode

The way your chats display in the left-hand menu is customizable, and we offer two different options; Most Recent mode and #focus mode.

You can find your display mode by clicking on your User Icon > Preferences > Priority Mode.

Inviting someone to Expensify Chat

If the person you want to chat with doesn’t appear in your contact list, simply type their email or phone number to invite them to chat! They will receive an email with instructions and can reply directly to it to start chatting with you.

All they have to do is click the link, and a account will be set up automatically for them (if they don’t have one already), and they can start chatting immediately!

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