Expensify Chat Playbook For Conferences


To help make setting up Expensify Chat for your event and your attendees super simple, we’ve created a guide for all of the technical setup details.

Who you are

As a conference organizer, you’re expected to amaze and inspire attendees. You want attendees to get to the right place on time, engage with the speakers, and create relationships with each other that last long after the conference is done. Enter Expensify Chat, a free feature that allows attendees to interact with organizers and other attendees in realtime. With Expensify Chat, you can:

  • Communicate logistics and key information
  • Foster conference wide attendee networking
  • Organize conversations by topic and audience
  • Continue conversations long after the event itself
  • Digitize attendee social interaction
  • Create an inclusive environment for virtual attendees

Sounds good? Great! In order to ensure your team, your speakers, and your attendees have the best experience possible, we’ve created a guide on how to use Expensify Chat at your event.

Let’s get started!


Connect with your dedicated account manager in any new.expensify.com #admins room. Your account manager is excited to brainstorm the best ways to make the most out of your event and work through any questions you have about the setup steps below.

We also have a number of moderation tools available to admins to help make sure your event is seamless, safe, and fun!

Step by step instructions for setting up your conference on Expensify Chat

Based on our experience running conferences atop Expensify Chat, we recommend the following simple steps:

Step 1: Create your event workspace in Expensify

To create your event workspace in Expensify:

  1. In new.expensify.com: “+” > “New workspace”
  2. Name the workspace (e.g. “ExpensiCon”)

Step 2: Set up all the Expensify Chat rooms you want to feature at your event

Protip: Your Expensify account manager can complete this step with you. Chat them in #admins on new.expensify.com to coordinate!

To create a new chat room:

  1. Go to new.expensify.com
  2. Go to “+” > New room
  3. Name the room (e.g. “#social”)
  4. Select the workspace created in step 1
  5. Select “Public” visibility
  6. Repeat for each room

For an easy-to-follow event, we recommend creating these chat rooms:

  • #social - This room will include all attendees, speakers, and members of your organizing team. You can use this room to discuss social events, happy hours, dinners, or encourage attendees to mingle, share photos and connect.
  • #announcements - This room will be used as your main announcement channel, and should only be used by organizers to announce schedule updates or anything important that your attendees need to know. Everyone in your policy will be invited to this channel, but chatting in here isn’t encouraged so to keep the noise to a minimum.
  • Create an individual room for each session - Attendees will be able to engage with the speaker/session leader and can ask questions about their content either before/during/after the session.
  • Create a room with your Expensify account manager/s - We can use this room to coordinate using Expensify Chat before, during, and after the event.

Protip Check out our moderation tools to help flag comments deemed to be spam, inconsiderate, intimidating, bullying, harassment, assault. On any comment just click the flag icon to moderate conversation.

Step 3: Add chat room QR codes to the applicable session slide deck

Gather QR codes:

  1. Go to new.expensify.com
  2. Click into a room and click the room name or avatar in the top header
  3. Go into Share Code
  4. Screenshot the QR code to add to your deck

Add the QR code to every slide so that if folks forget to scan the QR code at the beginning of the presentation, they can still join the discussion.

Step 4: Plan out your messaging and cadence before the event begins

Expensify Chat is a great place to provide updates leading up to your event – share news, get folks excited about speakers, and let attendees know of crucial event information like recommended attire, travel info, and more. For example, you might consider:

Prep your announcements:

  • Create a document containing drafts of the key messages you intend to send throughout the day.
  • If your event’s agenda is broken up into hourly blocks, create a separate section for each hour of the event, to make it easy to find the correct section at the right time.
  • Start each day with a review of the daily agenda, such as a bullet list summarizing what’s happening hour by hour.

Post your updates:

  • Designate a team member to post each update in #announce at the designated time.
  • Each hour, send a message listing exactly what is happening next – if there are multiple sessions happening simultaneously, list out each, along with a description of the session, a reminder of where it’s located, and (most importantly) a link to the chat room for that session
  • Write the messages in markdown format, such that they can be copy/pasted directly into Expensify Chat for sending.
    • If there is some formatting issue upon posting, no problem: just edit the comment after sending, and it’ll be fixed for everyone.
  • We’d also recommend posting your updates on new lines so that if someone has a question about a certain item they can ask in a thread pertaining to that topic, rather than in one consolidated block.

Protip: Your account manager can help you create this document, and would be happy to send each message at the appointed time for you.

Step 5: Share Expensify Chat How-To Resources with Speakers, Attendees, Admins

We’ve created a few helpful best practice docs for your speakers, admins, and attendees to help navigate using Expensify Chat at your event. Feel free to share the links below with them!

Step 6: Follow up with attendees after the event

Continue the connections by using Expensify Chat to keep your conference community connected. Encourage attendees to share photos, their favorite memories, funny stories, and more.


Once you have completed the above steps you are ready to host your conference on Expensify Chat! Let your account manager know any questions you have over in your new.expensify.com #admins room and start driving activity in your Expensify Chat rooms. Once you’ve reviewed this doc you should have the foundations in place, so a great next step is to start training your speakers on how to use Expensify Chat for their sessions. Coordinate with your account manager to make sure everything goes smoothly!

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