Expensify Chat For Conference Speakers


Are you a speaker at an event? Great! We’re delighted to provide you with an extraordinary opportunity to connect with your session attendees using Expensify Chat — before, during, and after the event. Expensify Chat offers a powerful platform for introducing yourself and your topic, fostering engaging discussions about your presentation, and maintaining the conversation with attendees even after your session is over.

Getting Started

We’ve rounded up some resources to get you set up on Expensify Chat and ready to start connecting with your session attendees:

Setting Up a Chatroom for Your Session: Checklist

To make the most of Expensify Chat for your session, here’s a handy checklist:

  • Confirm that your session has an Expensify Chat room, and have the URL link ready to share with attendees in advance.
    • You can find the link by clicking on the avatar for your chatroom > “Share Code” > “Copy URL to dashboard”
  • Join the chat room as soon as it’s ready to begin engaging with your audience right from the start.
  • Consider having a session moderator with you on the day to assist with questions and discussions while you’re presenting.
  • Include the QR code for your session’s chat room in your presentation slides. Displaying it prominently on every slide ensures that attendees can easily join the chat throughout your presentation.

Tips to Enhance Engagement Around Your Session

By following these steps and utilizing Expensify Chat, you can elevate your session to promote valuable interactions with your audience, and leave a lasting impact beyond the conference. We can’t wait to see your sessions thrive with the power of Expensify Chat!

Before the event:

  • Share your session’s QR code or URL on your social media platforms, your website or other platforms to encourage attendees to join the conversation early on.
  • Encourage attendees to ask questions in the chat room before the event, enabling you to tailor your session and address their specific interests.

During the event:

  • Keep your QR code readily available during the conference by saving it as a photo on your phone or setting it as your locked screen image. This way, you can easily share it with others you meet.
  • Guide your audience back to the QR code and encourage them to ask questions, fostering interactive discussions.

After the event:

  • Continue engaging with attendees by responding to their questions and comments, helping you expand your audience and sustain interest.
  • Share your presentation slides after the event as well as any photos from your session, allowing attendees to review and share your content with their networks if they want to.

If you have any questions on how Expensify Chat works, head to our guide here.

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