Vacation Delegate


A delegate is someone who can handle approving expense reports for you, which is especially useful when you’re out of the office!

In Expensify, a Vacation Delegate is someone you choose to act on your behalf when you’re on vacation or taking personal time off. They will approve expense reports just like you would, and everything moves forward as usual afterward.

The system keeps a detailed audit trail, showing exactly when your delegate stepped in to approve a report for you. And if your delegate also goes on vacation, they can have their own delegate, so reports keep getting approved.

By using this feature, you ensure that all reports get the approvals they need, even when you’re not around.

How to use Vacation Delegate

If you’re planning to take some time off, you can use the Vacation Delegate feature to assign someone to approve expense reports for you. The reports will continue on their usual path as if you had approved them yourself.

Set a Vacation Delegate for yourself

  1. Go to the Expensify website (note: you can’t do this from the mobile app).
  2. Navigate to Settings > Your Account > Account Details and scroll down to find Vacation Delegate.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you’re designating as your delegate and click Set Delegate.

Voila! You’ve set a vacation delegate. Any reports that usually come to you will now go to your delegate instead. When you return, you can easily remove the delegate by clicking a link at the top of the Expensify homepage.

Setting a Vacation Delegate as a Domain Admin

  1. Head to Settings > Domains > [Your Domain Name] > Domain Members > Edit Settings
  2. Enter the delegate’s email address and click Save.

Your delegate’s actions will be noted in the history and comments of each report they approve, so you can keep track of what happened while you were away.

Deep Dive

An audit trail of delegate actions

The system records every action your vacation delegate takes on your behalf in the Report History and Comments. So, you can see when they approved an expense report for you.


Why can’t my Vacation Delegate reimburse reports that they approve?

If your Vacation Delegate also needs to reimburse reports on your behalf whilst you’re away, they’ll also need access to the reimbursement account.

If they do not have access to the reimbursement account used on your workspace, they won’t have the option to reimburse reports, even as your Vacation Delegate.

What if my Vacation Delegate is also on vacation?

Don’t worry, your delegate can also pick their own Vacation Delegate. This way, expense reports continue to get approved even if multiple people are away.

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