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Referral Program


Expensify has grown thanks to our users who love Expensify so much that they tell their friends, colleagues, managers, and fellow business founders to use it, too.

As a thank you, every time you bring a new user into the platform who directly or indirectly leads to the adoption of a paid annual plan on Expensify, you will earn $250.

How to get paid for referring people to Expensify

  1. Submit a report or invoice, or share your referral link with anyone you know who is spending too much time on expenses, or works at a company that could benefit from using Expensify.

  2. You will get $250 for any referred business that commits to an annual subscription, has 2 or more active users, and makes two monthly payments.

That’s right! You can refer anyone working at any company you know.

If their company goes on to become an Expensify customer with an annual subscription, and you are the earliest recorded referrer of a user on that company’s paid Expensify Policy, you’ll get paid a referral reward.

The best way to start is to submit any receipt to your manager (you’ll get paid back and set yourself up for $250 if they start a subscription: win-win!)

Referral rewards for the Spring/Summer 2023 campaign will be paid by direct deposit.


  • How will I know if I am the first person to refer a company to Expensify?

Successful referrers are notified after their referral pays for 2 months of an annual subscription. We will check for the earliest recorded referrer of a user on the policy, and if that is you, then we will let you know.

  • How will you pay me if I am successful?

In the Spring 2023 campaign, Expensify will be paying successful referrers via direct deposit to the Deposit-Only account you have on file. Referral payouts will happen once a month for the duration of the campaign. If you do not have a Deposit-Only account at the time of your referral payout, your deposit will be processed in the next batch.

Learn how to add a Deposit-Only account here.

  • I’m outside of the US, how do I get paid?

While our referral payouts are in USD, you will be able to get paid via a Wise Borderless account. Learn more here.

  • My referral wasn’t counted! How can I appeal?

Expensify reserves the right to modify the terms of the referral program at any time, and pays out referral bonuses for eligible companies at its own discretion.

Please send a message to with the billing owner of the company you have referred and our team will review the referral and get back to you.

  • Where can I find my referral link?

Expensify members who are opted-in for our newsletters will have received an email containing their unique referral link.

On the mobile app, go to Settings > Invite a Friend > Share Invite Link to retrieve your referral link.

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