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Plan Types


You can access comprehensive information about Expensify’s plans and pricing by visiting Below, we provide an overview of each plan type to assist you in selecting the one that best suits your business or personal requirements.

Free Plan

The Free plan is suited for small businesses, offering a dedicated workspace for efficiently handling Expensify card management, expense reimbursement, invoicing, and bill payment. This plan includes unlimited receipt scanning for all users within the company and the potential to earn up to 1% cashback on card spending exceeding $25,000 per month (across all cards).

Collect Workspace Plan

The Collect Workspace Plan is designed with small companies in mind, providing essential features like a single layer of expense approvals, reimbursement capabilities, corporate card management, and basic integration options such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and Xero. This plan is ideal for those who require simple expense management functions.

Control Workspace Plan

Our most popular option, the Control Workspace plan, offers a heightened level of control and Workspace customization. With a Control Workspace, you gain access to multi-level approval workflows, comprehensive corporate card management, advanced accounting integration, tax tracking capabilities, and advanced expense rules that facilitate the enforcement of your internal expense policy. This plan provides a robust set of features for effective expense management.

Individual Track Plan

The Track plan is tailored for solo Expensify users who don’t require expense submission to others. Individuals or sole proprietors can choose the Track plan to customize their Individual Workspace to align with their personal expense tracking requirements.

Individual Submit Plan

The Submit plan is designed for individuals who need to keep track of their expenses and share them with someone else, such as their boss, accountant, or even a housemate. It’s specifically tailored for single users who want to both track and submit their expenses efficiently.


How can I change Individual plans?

You have the flexibility to switch between a Track and Submit plan, or vice versa, at any time by navigating to Settings > Workspaces > Individual > Workspace Name > Plan. This allows you to adapt your expense management approach as needed.

How can I upgrade Group plans?

You can easily upgrade from a Collect to a Control plan at any time by going to Settings > Workspaces > Group > Workspace Name > Plan. However, it’s important to note that if you have an active Annual Subscription, downgrading from Control to Collect is not possible until your current commitment period expires.

How does pricing work if I have two types of Group Workspace plans?

If you have a Control and Collect Workspace, you will be charged at the Control Workspace rate.

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