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How to Join the ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program


As trusted accountants and financial advisors, you strive to offer your clients the best tools available. Expensify is recognized as a leading, all-in-one expense and corporate card management platform suitable for clients of every size. By becoming an ExpensifyApproved! Partner, you unlock exclusive benefits for both you and your clientele.

Key Benefits

Dedicated Partner Manager: Enjoy personalized assistance with an assigned Partner Manager post-course completion. Client Onboarding Support: A dedicated Client Onboarding Manager will aid in smooth transitions. Free Expensify Account: Complimentary access to our platform for your convenience. Revenue share (US-only): All partners receive 0.5% revenue share on client Expensify Card transactions. Keep this as a bonus or offer it to your clients as cash back. Exclusive CPA Card (US-only): Automated expense reconciliation from swipe to journal entry with the CPA Card. Special Pricing Offers (US-only): Avail partner-specific discounts for your clients and a revenue share from client Expensify Card transactions. Professional Growth (US-only): Earn 3 CPE credits after completing the ExpensifyApproved! University. Cobranded Marketing - Collaborate with your Partner Manager to craft custom marketing materials, case studies, and more.

How to join the ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program

  1. Enroll in ExpensifyApproved! University (EA!U) Visit and enroll in the “Getting Started with Expensify” course. This course imparts the essentials of Expensify, ensuring you follow the best practices for client setups.

  2. Complete the course Grasp the core features and functionalities of Expensify. Ensure you’re equipped to serve your clients using Expensify to its fullest. Once completed, you’ll be prompted to schedule a call with your Partner Manager. This call is required to earn your certification.

  3. Once you successfully complete the course, you’ll unlock:

    • A dedicated Partner Manager - assigned to you after you have completed the course!
    • A dedicated Client Setup Specialist
    • Membership to the ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program.
    • A complimentary free Expensify account
    • Access to the exclusive CPA Card (US-only).
    • Partner-specific discounts to extend to your clients.
    • A 0.5% revenue share on client Expensify Card expenses (US-only)
    • 3 CPE credits (US-only).

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