Integrate with Yardi

The Expensify-Yardi integration - made possible with GL Mapping to a customized spreadsheet file - allows your employees to easily create and submit expense reports in compliance with Yardi’s data requirements.


The basic company setup steps will need to be taken care of before setting up the Yardi integration. Namely:

  1. Upgrade to the Corporate plan.
  2. Create a company expense policy.
  3. Email to set up multi-level tagging.

Exporting to Accounts Payable

While each company’s Yardi implementation may be different, these are the pieces of information that will typically be needed in the export file:

  • Vendor (employee)
  • Invoice Date
  • Post Month
  • Detail Amount (expense amount)
  • GL Code
  • Transaction Date
  • Department (tag 1)
  • Allocation (tag 2)
  • Property (tag 3)

It is possible that your Yardi implementation requires different or more fields. If you are unsure, please email us at .

Configuring Your Export File

After you’ve chosen the appropriate format for your company, you will create an export format that any admin can use to export expense data into Yardi. To do so, visit the Export format section of your policy settings (Admin > Policies > [Policy Name] > Export Formats). Once the export format has been created, any policy admin can choose a group of reports and export them to the custom spreadsheet file.

Example Yardi Export Format

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